REVIEW: Pocket Guide to Becoming a Business Wonder Woman

by She Will Shine on 02-09-2015 in Review, The Journey, Small Business
REVIEW: Pocket Guide to Becoming a Business Wonder Woman

If you have an idea for a business but just the thought of ABNs, GST, PAYG and any other acronyms you can throw in there, send shivers down your spine, well I have a book for you. Or maybe you're a bit like me and business plans are a foreign language, yep, you need to read it too.

I'm sure you all
know that I love to hear all about my member's new and exciting projects so when this landed on my desk I couldn't wait to get stuck into it. She Will Shine Member, Kathryn Harris is a partner at a successful accounting firm, Harris Business Solutions, which she started in 2002, she is currently studying a Masters of Business and Technology, a mum of F O U R... and just because she wasn't busy enough already she also decided to write a book to share her experiences on starting, running and the ever important (but too often overlooked) exiting a business. And did I mention it's especially for women in business? Yep, my kind of book!

In 'Pocket Guide To Becoming a Business Wonder Woman' Kathryn uses simple, easy to follow language to explain all the components you need to consider when starting a business. She breaks down and
explains each section of a business plan (in all my years of biz this is the first time it has actually made sense!), and uses case studies and examples to make it all so much clearer.

The five chapters go through each stage of business from research and planning, to explaining the various business structures to help you decide whether you wish to operate as a small business, a partnership, company or trust. Kathryn then moves onto staff, customers and then the one which confuses so many of us, tax. Now you know you're getting good advice on this topic when it comes from someone with Kathryn's years of experience and knowledge in this field. Finishing up with succession planning and retirement to give you a well-rounded overview of what you, as a business owner, need to be thinking about and implementing as you navigate your small business journey AND how best to avoid those pot-holes which can sometimes come up along the way.

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About Kathryn Harris

Kathryn Harris is a Fellow of CPA Australia and a Chartered Tax Advisor. She has a Bachelor of Commerce (Acc) from Deakin University, a Graduate Diploma in Advanced Tax and a Graduate Certificate in Business and Technology from UNSW and is currently studying a Bachelor of Law.

She also four kids (aged 20, 18, 13 and 11), a typical aussie bloke for a husband, a messy house and busy life!

For the past thirteen years she has operated an accountancy practice Harris Business Solutions specialising in small business. She knows how hard it is to juggle motherhood, family and business as well as finding time to improve yourself.

If you would like more info about Kathryn, or to have her speak at your next event please contact her via WonderWoman.Business.



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