The Definition of Networking

by She Will Shine on 23-06-2013 in Networking, Guest Post, Small Business

She Will Shine welcomes both Sharon Melios and Sharyn Hill from Women In Business Network in Hobart as our special guests on the blog today, explaining the real definition of "Networking"!

Back when snail mail was the main form of business communication, it could take days to establish a connection with someone from another company.

With the advent of the telephone, professionals gained the ability to just pick up the phone and call someone to make that contact. Today, technology has in many ways made even telephones unimportant.

With only a person's name, you can Google them, look at their LinkedIn profile, their Facebook information and if they tweet then their Twitter stream.

The availability of information on people has drastically improved, but it doesn't detract from the importance of oldfashioned offline networking. If you ask ten different people to define networking, you'll get ten different answers. But according to The Oxford Dictionary, a network is "a group of people who exchange information, contacts, and experience for professional or social purposes."

The real definition of networking to MOST of US is…….. building relationships before you need them.

It's difficult because we tend to only do things in life when we need to. But if you're running a marathon, you don't wait until the morning of the race and then just go out to run. On that day of the race, you remember all of the time and hard work you put in ahead of time while training to get to that point.

With networking, when you really need a job or new clients, empowering your existing contacts is the key to getting you there.

Effective networking is all about the people you know and meeting new people through other people. Your network is only as strong as the way you manage it.

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