Evenstar Career & Wellbeing Solutions T/A Evenstar Reiki Yarraville

Evenstar Career & Wellbeing Solutions T/A Evenstar Reiki Yarraville


I am a Reiki Master with a professional background in HR.
My business has been evolving since I got an ABN in early 2015 and I have been fully self employed from Jan 2017! My passion is in wellbeing and helping others to help themselves. I absolutely love the potentially life changing power of Reiki. In my Reiki practice I also use a lot of aromatherapy, which I also find to be incredibly powerful.
I also love to help people determine and achieve their ideal work life (given my HR background) and I do a lot of work in career transitioning. However, I would like to make the careers sector of my business just one part of the wellbeing spectrum in which I work, in the future.
I am undertaking further studies in Kinesiology in the second half of this 2017.

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Name: Arwen Bardsley

Website: Click here

Address: Yarraville, 3013, Australia

Phone: 0400 007 241

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