Forte Presence Consulting: Video & Communication Coaching

Forte Presence Consulting: Video & Communication Coaching


I approached my first video full of confidence -(hey, I've appeared as 'a wave' on Fitzroy st, been a keynote speaker in front of hundreds, appeared on radio, sung professionally... ) I'd just filmed someone who was a natural on camera, and I'd had experience coaching people on-set to come across as their warmest, most confident, authentic-self on video.

My turn to be filmed...I looked like a rabbit in headlights, blinking furiously like I was in a swarm of thrips. I was concentrating so hard that I came across as serious/scary. It was so bad, I couldn't use the footage!

I knew that stats that video is growing, and businesses with video get more clients. From my research in social psychology I knew that when people see someone on video, they feel like they have already met them, and that repeated exposure makes us appear more likeable and trustworthy. So I knew it was worth working at, and I knew there would be a lot of small business people in the same boat as me!

I am a communication coach, and specialise in nonverbal communication, voice and content.

Past clients have included: Nike, Political Candidates, women in leadership and referrals from organisational psychologists.

I have spoken on topics relating to confident, engaging presentations (Nike, Envato), and the Nonverbals of Leadership (Victorian College of Organisational Psychologists)

I also coach singers on their stagecraft, how movement influences their vocals, connecting with the song and moving the audience. I have worked with Mushroom Music and the Telstra Road to Discovery, Festival of Voices, and run masterclasses, and judged for the national acappella competition with Vocal Australia, and in Singapore

I'm passionate about quality education that engages, inspires, builds confidence and curiosity, and leads to a life-long love of learning.

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Name: Zerafina Zara

Website: Click here

Address: West Footscray, 3012, Australia

Phone: 0401 401 707

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