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About She Will Shine

About Danielle Price


About She Will Shine
She Will Shine is a village for committed Australian female business owners based on connection, support and education.

It's an Australia-wide shining movement of women who are committed to growing their business, their confidence, and their knowledge. It's a village of women who genuinely and personally support each other on the journey. And who are dedicated to making it happen. As well as being a supportive community, She Will Shine offers training and education, online webinars and resources, in-person events, and all-female coworking, all designed to help our members take their business further.

About Danielle Price

The story begins when I left the corporate world in search of career flexibility. As a graphic designer I started my own business from home. Although successful, isolation often crept to the surface.

Over time it hit me. Could I not create a place where women in business could personally and professionally connect? Somewhere they felt truly comfortable, where they could be themselves, where their business visions were believed in, and where they would be supported to achieve more in their business and life.

It was my passion project “on the side” of my proper business. Hmmm… many years and one defunct design business later, She Will Shine was here to stay.

2014 saw the beginning of a new era with a physical space becoming our village HQ in Melbourne. Since its opening coworking was introduced and we became the very first permanent all-female coworking space in Melbourne. We've now moved into our fourth office space in less than three years... yes we are growing!

As a business community we are constantly evolving, listening to our members and creating the practical solutions to help them take their business further and shine!

I'd love to help you too.

Danielle Price,
Founder of She Will Shine


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