Insight Workshops

The She Will Shine Insight Workshops consist of education and training designed specifically to help the growth of female led businesses. These sessions are presented by leading industry specialists.


Upcoming Insight Workshops:

Storytelling Masterclass,
Thursday 27 July 2017

Money & Consciousness,
Wednesday 25 October 2017


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Storytelling Masterclass
Thursday 27 July 2017 (10am-12noon AEST)


How to foster fans that know, like, trust and want to pay you.


People don’t just buy products and services. They want to be part of something. To support a movement. To make a difference or a statement. To feel something, and to belong. 

Storytelling is an essential skill for building your brand by connecting with the hearts of your audience. Find out how to amplify your story so you can change the world. 

In this workshop you will learn which stories your clients want to hear and how to tell them.

Stop hiding behind your logo or your products. Step up to centre stage, be you, be seen, share your vibe and attract your tribe.


You’ll leave this workshop with a fresh perspective, actionable advice, and feeling inspired to tell stories that proactively position your business ahead of the pack.



About your presenter:
Jade Wisely is an award winning communications professional. She uses her storytelling super power to put women front and centre in their business for greater influence and impact. Jade is also an accredited professional portrait photographer, published writer, seasoned presenter, civil celebrant and dance fan. And she’ll bring chocolate. Find out more at



Money & Consciousness
Wednesday 25 October 2017 (10am-12noon AEST)


Would you like greater prosperity in your life?

When it comes to money, are you controlled by fear?

Do you underestimate your worth as a Business Woman?

Are your thought patterns holding you back from earning what you are worth?


The Money and Consciousness workshop is designed to assist you in understanding how your thoughts and beliefs about money have been limiting you in your personal and professional life.

As a result, you will not only earn what you deserve, but you can also live up to your full potential.


In this fun, exciting, and dynamic workshop you will learn:

• How to discover the root cause of your money challenges.

• How to be empowered in your relationship with money and prosperity by releasing  limiting beliefs and practicing new ways of thinking.

• How to design your new abundant life with affirmations and to use visualisation to create what you want.

• How to deepen your Trust in the flow of Universal abundance and to achieve financial independence.


You will learn how to change your thoughts to create more prosperity in your life and to become friends with money. 



About your presenter:
Nicole Lordan is a Life Coach, wingwave® Coach, Trainer and Workshop Facilitator, with over 15 years of experience and expertise in the Coaching, Wellness, Training and Physical Therapy Industry.

Her coaching programs are unique, inspiring and highly personalised, helping individuals and corporates to shift their lives on a very profound level and to achieve deep and lasting change. Her clients are committed to having a breakthrough and are ready to take big steps forward to live an extraordinary life.

Nicole’s coaching and teaching style is action-oriented, direct and with a no BS- approach. Her focus is on body and mind and on personal and professional success. She also promotes the development of inner skills like relaxation, meditation, visualisation and affirmations.

You will find further information on Nicole’s website at


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