She Will Shine Mentor: Nicole Lordan

Nicole provides mindset coaching, support and training to overwhelmed, exhausted and burned-out individuals, helping them to establish and align with their values and bring more purpose to their personal and professional lives.

She is described as grounded and compassionate, with the ability to build strong relationships and to ask deep and intuitive questions to uncover underlying issues.

Nicole has lived and worked in four different countries and brings international experience to the coaching conversation.

When you step up to a mindset coaching session with Nicole, you are committing to finding your courage, revealing your deepest passion, overcoming your fears, sharing your voice and breaking down any walls and block that are currently in your way.

From her diverse, multidisciplinary skill palette, Nicole will select the most direct tools and techniques for addressing your specific challenges. The focus is on your whole being.

Nicole works with you on all levels to facilitate profound, deep and lasting change: your mind and body; your emotional, social, physical and financial progress; your personal and professional life. Aligning all aspects of your life in a united direction gives the most powerful, life-changing results.

Creating change in your life requires hard work. The exciting thing about tackling change with Nicole on your team is that you get big results faster. Nicole has the innate ability to swiftly and intuitively identify your personal progress zone, supporting you to move forward with courage, clarity and intention.      

Nicole’s expertise has been developed over 20 years working and training across multiple fields of the health and well-being industry. She is genuinely committed to lead and support her clients on their journey of change. Her approach is calm, grounded, kind and compassionate while actively moving clients toward actions and outcomes. Nicole’s ultimate goal is to see you fully and independently living the life you want, without regret. 

Founder/Business Owner, Nicole Lordan Coaching

Mindset Coach
wingwave® Coach

Achievements/Years in business
2015 - Present Founder / Business Owner, Nicole Lordan Coaching
2014 wingwave® Coaching Certificate / Magic Words® Trainer

2009 - 2014 Founder / Business Owner, Body Mind Therapy, Galway Wellbeing Centre
2011 - 2014 Vice-President Irish Massage Therapist Association (IMTA)
2011 - 2012 Heal Your Life® Workshop Facilitator and Life-Coach Training
2010 Certificate in Training and Assessment
2001/2004 Head Teacher / School Manager, Trainer / Assessor Remedial Massage Therapy / Reflexology
2000 - 2010 Studies in Complementary Therapies
1998/1999 Wellness / Wellbeing Coaching Diploma Course
1988 - 1991 Bachelor in Business Studies

"I found Nicole to be an excellent coach and mentor with a gentle, kind and unassuming manner.  She connected extremely well with me and there was a lovely vibe throughout the entire time I worked with her. I consider Nicole to be absolutely professional and she has an innate empathy that reaches out to everyone. I also believe she is a wonderful listener with a deep understanding.I admire and respect Nicole and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her to anyone interested in personal coaching."
- Deidre M.

"At the time when I started working with Nicole, I was in need of many things which brought me to a complete halt. I had met Nicole before through mutual connections. I was very happy to know I was going to a safe and professional environment. Working with Nicole was extremely rewarding. She allowed time and space to talk, to not talk or to just be. She encouraged me to look within softly and to be ok with whatever came up. I had many tears but laughs too. I found it easy to talk to Nicole and found her honesty and compassion encouraged it further. I have never looked back since. It was the perfect time and place and Nicole the perfect coach for me. Nicole came from the heart, allowed space while being encouraging. She gave me simple yet very powerfully and effective tools for life.
- Eilish M.




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