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Upcoming Webinars:

Hiring Staff & Performance Management,
Wednesday 8 November 2017

Maximising Energy For Your Success,
Wednesday 22 November 2017

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Hiring Staff & Performance Management
Wednesday 8 November 2017 (12noon-1pm AEDT)


Hiring your first employee or contractor is an exciting stage of growth within your business.

It can also be overwhelming, with legislative requirements and more administration – eek!


In this webinar you will learn:

• The steps involved in recruiting and hiring staff.

• The legal requirements involved.

• How to put a recruitment plan in place for growth.

• How to review staff performance.

• Worst case scenario. What do I do?

Be prepared for your business growth and have a recruitment plan to help you achieve success.



About your presenter:
Charma Voller is a People and Culture Transformation Consultant with a passion for incorporating the latest mind / body performance tools to help individuals, teams and organisations become their most brilliant version of themselves.

Charma works with clients to develop both strategy and practical compliance for hiring great people and designing a culture that best suits their business aims. Charma works with individuals in start up mode (who have the intention of hiring a team soon) through to well established businesses going through transformation.



Maximising Energy For Your Success
Wednesday 22 November 2017 (12noon-1pm AEDT)


"Life is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself"
- George Bernard Shaw


How often have you crashed in your business lifetime? 

How often do you lose motivation, focus and/or get off track? 

Are you feeling stuck and un-inspired? 

Is your frustration rising and could you snap any minute? 

If any of the above describes you, or one of your staff, or business partner, this webinar is a must!


In this webinar you will learn:

• Energy blocks and what things in everyday life stop you from being the best you.

• Relationship between your organs and emotions and the red flags your body wants you to know.

• The link between the body and the mind and how you can be holding yourself back in health and in business.

“I say health is easy, fun and it’s yours! If you choose of course!”

Discover how you can reclaim your health and put your best foot forward for your success!


Anna and She Will Shine want YOU to discover how a shift in your attitude can amplify your success and help you to reach your goals.

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Yep, you read right… It’s a freebie just for you.

Because you, your health, and your business are worth it.



About your presenter:
Anna Pino, is a mum, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, owner of Natural Harmony Clinic in Essendon, a Doula and a mentor to clients and students in her field. She has been in business for 7 years and in the last 3 years has grown her business exponentially. Anna is passionate about personal and professional development and helping others achieve the best results possible in health, in personal life or in business. She is excited to be expecting her second baby in 2018 and positioning herself as an educator in the area of women's health, birth and continuing to inspire students and members of allied health to connect with their ultimate potential.



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