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5 tips to declutter your life

Hands up if you’re feeling suffocated by your ‘stuff’? It’s never too late to do something about it.

Clutter can not only affect our anxiety levels, but also our sleep quality and ability to focus. By implementing some simple daily habits and simplifying your lifestyle, you will increase your productivity and gain back valuable time which will allow you to focus more on your family, career and most importantly, you! 

Decluttering is super satisfying because you can see and feel results in an instant.  By clearing the clutter and discarding what’s not adding value to your life will allow you to enjoy and appreciate the things you actually use. The key to getting started on your clutter free journey, is to stop procrastinating and overcomplicating the process and simply START. Below are 5 tips to help you eliminate the overwhelm of clutter in your life.


1. If it’s going to take less than 2 minutes, do it now.  

If you delay these small tasks until ‘later’ they will end up on your to do list and become a time consuming chore. Keeping up is better than catching up. 

  • Make your bed 
  • Empty the dishwasher 
  • Open the mail 
  • Pay that bill 
  • RSVP to that event 
  • Take the rubbish out 
  • Put a load of washing on 


2. Follow the 1 in 1 out rule 

I always encourage my clients to be mindful when making future purchases after spending some time decluttering. Remember…what takes up your space, takes up your time. If you buy something new, remember to discard something old. Impulse shopping can often result in pointless clutter. So, before purchasing something new, ask yourself… 

Do I need it? Do I already own something similar? Is it something I’ve been planning to buy for a while? Would I still want it if it weren’t on sale? Will I love it in 3 months? Could I borrow it from a friend or family member? 


3. Place belongings back in their designated home 

Clutter and disorganisation can not only cost you time, but also money. Think of the real costs of purchasing duplicate items, losing items that you have to replace, and things that get broken because they weren’t stored or maintained properly. Sound familiar? Giving everything a designated ‘home’ will not only provide clarity to everyone using the space, you’ll save time and increase your chances of staying organised and clutter free..


4. Labels

It’s no secret, labels are a professional organiser’s partner in crime. Organising your belongings and labelling by category creates systems and order, helping you and your family remember where everything goes. You’ll be more likely to take an extra moment to put things away in the correct spot and be less inclined to bring new clutter into the home if you don’t have a designated space to put it. 


5. Do the dishes after every meal 

Very few household chores are appealing…especially the dishes! But here’s the thing, if you procrastinate and let them pile up, you will hate the job even more. If you clean up straight away and put your plates in the dishwasher, you will save time scrubbing caked on food…ugh! While it is tempting to just leave them in the sink, spending a few minutes now is much more efficient. Another perk will be less germs and bacteria. Stinky smelly dishes be gone! 


Decluttering your life is simplifying your life. It’s not about having a Pinterest worthy immaculately organised home. And you certainly don’t need to go out and splurge money on fancy products to create functional systems and order. Think of your storage space as valuable real estate. Is it worthy of living permanently in your home? 


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