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5 ways to grow your business without social media


5 ways to grow your business without social media


Does the thought of running your business to fit the Instagram algorithm and creating dancing videos makes you cringe?

You’re not alone.

It’s easy to assume that you have to be on social media to run a successful business these days, but the truth is you don’t.

When you take a closer look, there’s more than one path to cultivating a flourishing business – and it doesn’t have to involve social media.

In fact, some highly successful businesses don’t even use social media at all!


How is this possible I hear you ask?

By approaching growing your business through the lens of mindful marketing; that is, implementing sustainable strategies that help you be more efficient with your time and energy, while also accelerating your business growth and building a trusted reputation for your brand.

The key to successfully implementing this approach is balancing your strategy with both internal and external methods of marketing.

While internal marketing is focused on nurturing your existing audience with the goal of moving them towards your paid offerings, external marketing is focused on growing your audience to reach new people who have not heard of you and your business before.

Striking a balance between the two is key to ensure that you’re expanding your audience, as well as nurturing the existing people in your community as you guide them through your marketing funnel.

Today I’m going to share five ways you can grow your audience and reach new people that don’t involve social media, so you can simplify your marketing and spend more time offline.


1. Blogging and SEO

Blogging strategically is one of the best things you can do to boost your visibility online and grow your business.

Not only does providing outstanding content give your readers a reason to come back and visit your website time and time again; this highly-valuable content will position you as an in-demand expert in your field – both of which will help to explode your blog traffic.

Oh, and let’s not forget the love you’ll get from Google!

Google loves fresh content and the more you’re creating consistent content that is written for a niche audience, the more Google will begin to recognize you as a subject matter expert and send more search traffic your way.

To successfully nail bogging for your business, having a content strategy that focuses on serving your ideal customers and providing solutions to challenges they are facing, is essential.

Not only will this ensure you’re creating consistent content for your audience to keep them engaged, it will help Google determine what your business is about and help you start ranking for key search terms in your niche.

The trick in growing your audience through blogging also relies on creating shareable content, so paying attention to things like your blog title can have a dramatic impact on your results.


2. Teaching an online masterclass

Collaborating with a fellow business owner to teach a masterclass or run a workshop with their audience is a brilliant way to demonstrate your skills and knowledge that will also raise your profile.

Collaborations are a win/win in business – not only does your fellow collaborator benefit from having an expert come in to add value to their audience, you also benefit from getting your business in front of new people.

This type of collaboration can take many forms – teaching a masterclass in someone’s membership community; online course or program; or participating in an online summit.

Get creative and start looking for opportunities in your industry where you can share your knowledge with others.


3. Hosting a local workshop

Want to reach more people in your local area? Consider partnering with another local business to host a workshop. This type of collaboration works well for many different types of businesses that are often complimentary.

For example, if you are a life / health / fitness coach you could partner with a local yoga or wellness studio to run a workshop that would align with both audiences.

This is another way to collaborate with fellow business owners that provides a win for both parties.


4. Podcast interviews

Podcasts have blown up in popularity over the last few years and these days, so many entrepreneurs host their own shows. Pitching yourself to be featured as a guest on someone else’s podcast is a great way to connect with new audiences that align with your business.

Given the intimate nature of podcasts and that you’re effectively having a 1:1 conversation with someone, they also help let people get to know you on a deeper level.

Why not start intentionally following podcasts in your niche and then write a shortlist of podcasts to pitch to?


5. Guest writing

There are countless online publications that are always on the hunt for people to write content for them. Guest writing offers you the benefit of having your work published on someone else’s website and being introduced to their audience.

Not only does this help to expand your reach while boosting your credibility, there are significant SEO benefits when another website links to your site and is one of the indicators to Google that boosts your domain authority.

Research the online publications in your niche and see what opportunities there may be for you to contribute. Another option is exploring Medium publications that are always looking for guest writers.


Hopefully these ideas will give you a starting point for ways to grow your business outside of social media and without paying for advertising. Building relationships with fellow business owners plays a key role in these strategies and offers enormous benefits to small business owners. Whether you’re working solo on your business or with a team, surrounding yourself with a like minded community makes growing your business an incredibly fun and rewarding journey.


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Rachel now leverages her experience to support heart-led business owners build a trusted reputation for their brand that will accelerate their growth through captivating content and brand storytelling, rooted in strategy and purpose.

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