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5 simple steps to help you employ staff

Is it time you employed staff in your small business? Here are 5 simple steps to help you do it right.

As your business grows, have you been thinking that you could do with an “extra pair of hands” to support you? Sometimes you might look to outsource certain functions, but you might feel that hiring someone is actually more aligned with your business trajectory and values. But where to start? Here are some essentials to consider when hiring employees and bringing them onboard.


1. Identify the tasks and skills you want to recruit for.

Let’s start at the very start, and ensure you are clear about what tasks you want assistance with, as this will aid finding the person with the right skill set.

In identifying these tasks, ask yourself:

Are you looking for someone to do a task that you don’t enjoy doing, or a task that isn’t your natural strength? For me this is marketing and graphic design! For you it might be accounts or procurement (for example)…

Or perhaps you have some “low hanging fruit” type of tasks that you can easily delegate to someone else which frees you up to focus on strategic or building the business activities?

Or do you have a project that has been on the “to do list” but you can never get to it?

Whatever it is, write these tasks down and use this as the basis for your recruitment.


2. Recruit the right person – for you.

Sounds simple doesn’t it! If only! Don’t just look at someone’s experience on paper, also determine whether their values are aligned with those of your business, and also consider if they have the interpersonal skills that you need. For example, is their customer service ethos aligned with yours? Do you need someone who can work autonomously and has great attention to detail?

Develop interview questions that covers the key skills you are looking for; and ask them of each person you interview as this will provide you with a consistent process to assess each candidate on and then select the one that is the best match for you.


3. Invest the time early on.

Make the time to have a comprehensive induction with your employee, as this is essential to the success of the employment relationship.

Make them feel welcome and a valuable part of the team.

Share with them your vision for the company and the role they will play in achieving this vision with the work they will be doing – creating purpose for employees is essential in engaging them and making them part of the journey of your business.

Also provide them with the tools they need to do their job so they can quickly get into the work – starting with some of the basics (such as IT equipment, email account, access to files, stationery, training on systems and processes, etc).


4. Create clarity.

Early on in the employment relationship also set goals for your employee about what tasks you want them to do and the desired standards for these tasks – not only does it create clarity for them about what they should be doing, it also sets expectations about the level of performance you require from them.

Also create a culture of feedback; whereby you regularly discuss with your employee the progress with their goals, which also reiterates to them what is expected.


5. Delegate!

You have made the effort of employing someone, so make sure you utilise their skills and delegate tasks to them! As a reformed perfectionist and control freak, I absolutely know it can be hard to let go of things (even more so when it’s your own business); but you hired them because you saw good in them, so give them an opportunity to shine!

Check in and remind yourself what you wanted assistance with when you decided to recruit and ask yourself – have you let all of these tasks go, or is there a phased plan in place to do so? If not, why not? Is it that you haven’t delegated enough, or do you have concerns about their competency that you need to address?


Recruiting for the right skill set that your business needs is essential; and the early stages of employment are essential to get right. Hopefully by following these steps you will be on the path to success for you, the employee, and the business.


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