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About She Will Shine

She Will Shine is the network and membership community for female business owners Australia-wide.

It’s a community with connection front and centre. No pretences, judgement or competition. Just the chance to grow your network, develop genuine relationships, be supported and support like-minded women in business.

At She Will Shine, come just as you are. It’s your time to shine.



Hi, I’m Danielle Price and I love nothing more than helping women in small business to thrive.

I launched She Will Shine in 2014 to bring women in business together in a genuine, meaningful way. I’ve since connected over 1,500 female business owners together through the She Will Shine membership, events and more.

A business owner myself for the past 11 years, I understand the rollercoaster of small business life. Back before SWS, when I was a solo graphic designer, my confidence grew both personally and professionally when I surrounded myself with other women in business. I realised the support was everything. This planted the seed for She Will Shine, a space for supporting and nurturing women to shine in business and in life.

When we meet, you’ll discover I‘m not the loudest person in the room. I prefer to lead by example and am wholeheartedly fuelled by my passion to help women in small business succeed. If you’re seeking real, honest connections, business resources and the support of an uplifting community, I know you’ll fit right in at She Will Shine.

Yours in community,
Danielle x

“Danielle knew a supportive and safe environment was needed in the business world.”

“Danielle knew a supportive and safe environment was needed in the business world where women could share ideas, help one another in the hard times and cheer each other on when they succeed. This is exactly what she has achieved.”

Kelly Williams,
Retail Business Owner at Pascoe Tales


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