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A business network for women like no other


If you’ve been searching for a community of like-minded women who ‘get’ it, She Will Shine may be right for you. No pretences, no judgement. Just women in business, connecting and truly supporting each other.

  • If the isolation of small business life or working from home is getting too much…
  • If you’re feeling overwhelmed about aspects of business, life or both…

This is where you belong.

“Running your own small business and putting yourself out there takes courage. It’s a whole lot easier with a supportive group of other business owners around you. If you haven’t yet found your courage to make new connections, my advice is “don’t wait!” It will help you move your business and your confidence forward and you never know where it may lead.”

Hayley Robertson,
Marketing Consultant at My Client Strategy.

“My advice is don’t wait! It will help you move your business and your confidence forward.”



She Will Shine is the Australia-wide business network for women. A community focused on its people, full of opportunities to:

  • Grow your network
  • Connect and develop genuine relationships
  • Support others and be supported to build and grow a successful business your way.

As a She Will Shine member, you’ll never be alone in business or in life.

“Being in business as a solo operator can be hard work. At times you can feel isolated, confused, anxious, doubtful. What if there was a community you could be part of to help ease ALL of this? There is one that does just that and more – She Will Shine.”

Stacey Price,
Accountant at Healthy Business Finances.


“She Will Shine helps ease feeling isolated, confused, anxious and doubtful.”


Meaningful connections, minus the competition, in our trusted network

Welcome to an intimate network, a safe space, where you’ll never get lost in the crowd. A membership to She Will Shine is like no other. You’ll get great support, connection and friendship with like-minded, hard-working business women who truly want to support and lift you up. 


A focus on people, lifting others up and celebrating successes

She Will Shine members genuinely want others to thrive in their business. And when things are not so rosy? It’s a safe space to fall. The She Will Shine women will rally around to pick you up and set you on your way again.  


Shining a light on the diverse expertise within our community

Not just a great resource for advice and support, She Will Shine is a trusted source of genuine referrals and collaborations between members. Become part of a group of incredible women who you can both rely on and support. 

“She Will Shine is a business network for women that defied all my expectations. The women I have met have been supportive, encouraging and non-judgemental, even when they’re my so-called competition.”

Emma McMillan,

“The women I have met have been supportive, encouraging and non-judgemental.”

“Joining She Will Shine was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my business life. The continued support in business has been incredible.”

Angelique Petzierides,
Social Media Manager at Social Media Mania.

“The continued support in business has been incredible.”

“I’m a She Will Shine Member because:

  • When it matters most, I have a community of amazing women in business from all walks of life to lean on.
  • When self-doubt creeps in, this community gets the realities of life and reminds you how bright you are really shining.
  • Progressing and growing together is more fun!”

Anna Pino,
Chinese Medicine Practitioner at Natural Harmony TCM.

“When it matters most, I have a community of amazing women in business from all walks of life to lean on.”

“I love the beautiful community of women and the way we support each other, going from online interaction to real life and back again seamlessly like old friends. It’s a great community for my business, too. Many clients are Shiners or have been referred by members, and they’re all wonderful to work with – not to mention providing a great return on my investment.”

Cath Connell,
Marketing Consultant at Wholehearted Marketing.

“Many clients are Shiners, providing a great return on investment.”


She Will Shine is the business community for you if:

  • You’d love to meet more women in business who ‘get’ you.
  • You’re looking for genuine connections, far beyond a referral network.
  • You’d love a confidence boost for your business, and yourself.
  • You love supporting others to achieve success, on their terms.
  • You’re ready to invest in a new community. 

And because we understand you might be ready right now, you won’t have to join a waitlist. We’ll welcome you today with open arms. 



Join today and you’ll get immediate access to:

A thriving, supportive Australia-wide network of women in business
Our collaborative community of female business owners is truly the heart and soul of She Will Shine. It’s the place to go for support, advice and genuine connection, minus the competition. A circle of trust, where all are welcome.

Welcome pack
From the moment you join, you’ll feel right at home. You’ll get a personal welcoming phone call from Danielle and a special welcome pack sent straight to your door.

Online Member Hub
Immediate access (no waitlists here) to our ever-growing library of quality content on topics from marketing to outsourcing, human resources and productivity. Access Masterclass recordings, webinars and more to support you in your professional learning.

24/7 private Facebook group
Convenient access to support, advice and encouragement from your fellow Shiners. Have your questions answered by a trusted community full of expertise and experience across so many industries and stages of business. We’ll celebrate your wins with you and give you a safe place to fall.

Live monthly Masterclasses
Our monthly Masterclasses are a chance to explore your burning business questions with members of the She Will Shine community. Access expert advice and get valuable personalised feedback in a super-convenient online group video call.

Live monthly Friday Night Drinks

Once a month we come together with cocktails/mocktails/beverages of choice for conversation and connection, all from the comfort of your couch. Our much-loved version of knock-off drinks.

Exclusive event invitations
You’re invited to join Danielle’s Book Club, participate in one-on-one member connection with Coffee. Connect. Shine, come along to Pop-Up Coworking, Member Dinners and more. Reconnect with old friends and make new ones at the friendliest virtual and in-person events.

Online Member Directory listing

Advertise your product or service in our online Member Directory, be found via the wider online community and get those important Google-loving SEO backlinks.

Annual Printed Member Directory
You’ve got mail, with our annually printed Member Directory delivered to your door. Have a trusted resource on hand when you need it, plus get your name and business out there within the group.

Informal mentoring opportunities

From chats at member dinners, to threads in our private Facebook group and coworking conversation, all members – no matter their stage or type of business – are generous with their time and knowledge.

Invitations to share your expertise
As a member, you could have the opportunity to share your story on our podcast, present as our industry expert at a monthly Masterclass or write a blog for our website.

Opportunities to collaborate

With similar core values and a shared commitment to authenticity in business, it’s no wonder our members are famous for working together and collaborating at any opportunity.

“The best part about being a She Will Shine member is the connections I’ve made with whip-smart, talented and supportive women. I’ve collaborated with more than 15 other members so far, with at least 8 seeking out my services, an unexpected bonus!  

To get my business off the ground, I collaborated with other members for a photo shoot, visual branding and website support. This, along with the advice, support and encouragement from the exclusive Facebook group (and various phone calls) gave me the confidence to officially launch. Networking events and member-only lunches have been another brilliant way to get to know other members and strengthen our connections. 

She Will Shine really is the group that keeps on giving.”

Amanda Corica,
Copywriter and Marketing Consultant.

“I have collaborated with more than 15 other members so far, with at least 8 seeking out my services, an unexpected bonus!”

With a 30-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and a community to gain.

“The events are geared towards creating meaningful connections and the women are so generous with their time and knowledge. For an introvert who despises networking, it’s like a safe haven. Even while working from home, I have people to bounce things off at my fingertips.” 

Lisa Wilson,
Finance Consultant at Finance In Heels.

“For an introvert who despises networking, it’s like a safe haven.”

“Any social or work event that requires me to talk with a group of strangers gets my stomach churning and my palms sweating! So, going into business and knowing I would have to network was something I was dreading. But I couldn’t have picked a more supportive, inspiring and just genuinely lovely group of women to be amongst!”

Nicole Arena,
Founder at Plan B Skin Therapy.



“I couldn’t have picked a more supportive, inspiring and just genuinely lovely group of women.”

All memberships come complete with a hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee.






Recurring subscription
– cancel anytime.



2 x months free on an annual recurring subscription!


I love helping women in small business to thrive. I launched She Will Shine in 2014 to bring women in business together in a genuine, meaningful way. I’ve since connected over 1,500 female business owners together through the She Will Shine membership, events and more. 

A business owner myself for the past 11 years, I get it. The challenges, the isolation, the wins, the rollercoaster of small business life. Back when I was a solo graphic designer, my confidence grew both personally and professionally with the support of other women in business 

I realised how important it was to be surrounded by others walking the same path. Women I could turn to for advice, to talk about business, and about life. This planted the seed for She Will Shine. 

If you would benefit from real, honest connections, business resources and the support of an uplifting community, I’d love you to join us here at She Will Shine. 

“I’ve seen and experienced Danielle passionately and effortlessly connect business owners together, lighting up the room with her contagious joyous energy whilst doing it. You will always feel welcomed and heard by Danielle. The space she has created, both on and offline, is grounded, open, safe and nurturing – the perfect refuge for any small business owner.” 

Trudy Alcoe,
Event Planner at Events All Boxed Up.

“You will always feel welcomed and heard by Danielle.”


It’s not always easy to put the special and unique relationships that are created at She Will Shine into words. Come sit with us and see for yourself, no pressure, and no locked-in commitment. 

“I’m so grateful for this supportive, inspiring, understanding, fun, insightful, vulnerable, clever and creative group. After transitioning from a corporate career into a small business owner, I felt disconnected at times. The connections I’ve made at She Will Shine keep me inspired and on track. I have a great cheer squad and a safe space to check in and ask for advice or support. It’s also a wonderful place to celebrate small and big wins alike.” 

Conny Weyrich,
Art Therapist at Sensemaking Space.

“The connections I’ve made keep me inspired and on track. I have a  safe space to check in and ask for advice.”

“Being part of such a supportive group filled with interesting, creative, clever, funny, beautiful women? Priceless. We all need a (business) girl gang, and this is mine.”

Fiona Johnston,
Financial Coach at Peach Business Management.

“A supportive group filled with interesting, creative, clever, funny, beautiful women.”



What kinds of business owners are welcome at She Will Shine?
The inclusive She Will Shine community is open to all those who identify as female business owners. All kinds of businesses are represented, from service-based, to product-based, online, tech, retail and more. Whatever your business, our focus is on the connection, network and support you need. 
Can I cancel my membership?
When you join She Will Shine, you’re fully protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t feel like you’ve received value from your membership, you’re free to cancel any time within the next 30 days. No hassles, headaches or hoops to jump through. Similarly, if you’re on a monthly recurring membership and your circumstances change, just say the word. 
When is the best time to join She Will Shine?
If what you read resonates with you and you’re looking for a community to help you on your journey, then perhaps that time is right now. Unlike other memberships, we don’t make you wait to access what you need exactly when you need it.  
Is She Will Shine suitable for new or established business owners?
Whether you’ve just started out or been in business for a while, this community will provide you with the support, connections and network you need. No matter what stage youre at in your business, She Will Shine is for you. 
Does it matter where I am located?
Absolutely not! All our resources and online events are designed to be accessed from anywhere in Australia – rural, regional, suburban and metro. We currently have ambassadors and members located in many states across the country. 
What are my payment options?
You can choose between a monthly recurring or yearly recurring payment. Don’t forget a yearly subscription is the best value, with two months’ free. 
Can I read your full terms and conditions?
Of course. You can access them here.

Still got a burning question? Ask us here.

Or, if you’re ready, join today.


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