3 ways to use your professional headline to drive traffic to your LinkedIn profile

by She Will Shine on 10-02-2014 in Social Media, Small Business
3 ways to use your professional headline to drive traffic to your LinkedIn profile


Are you using LinkedIn to create opportunities for your business? 

There are some simple ways you can use your professional headline to drive traffic to your LinkedIn profile and encourage clients and connections to connect with you.

LinkedIn Profile professional headline

The text under your name on your LinkedIn profile is called your professional headline. Your headline is usually created when you add a new and current position to your profile. You can update your headline by editing your profile.

There are 3 ways I recommend you leverage your professional headline on LinkedIn.

1. Clearly state how you help people

Your professional headline is a great opportunity to explain how you can help (or what problem you solve). One of the first things I change when I update your LinkedIn profile is your professional headline. Too often I see people's business ownership title (e.g. Owner, Director, Founder) or specific role title (e.g. National Sales Manager) in the professional headline.

Let me explain by example. I run Workshops, help experienced professionals and business owners leverage LinkedIn and coach people as they transition from one career to another. My headline therefore reflects how I help. Workshop Change Agent, LinkedIn Strategist, Career Coach.

If people understand how it is you can help them, they are more likely to read your profile and connect with you.

2. Regularly review and update your headline

It is also essential that you regularly review your professional headline for relevance. 

If you are a business owner, regularly reviewing and updating your headline plays to the idea that throughout the year you may be focusing on different areas of your business or different target markets. Aim to review and potentially refine and update your professional headline every 3 to 4 months. 


LinkedIn Activity Broadcasts

If your activity broadcasts are set to let people know when you change your profile, make recommendations or follow companies, then each of your connections will be informed of this change on their newsfeed when you change your headline.

When you appear on people's LinkedIn newsfeed as a result of this action, potential clients and connections are more likely to view your profile and connect with you.

3. Make it easier for people to find you on LinkedIn

I view the LinkedIn professional headline in the same way you might view a keyword search when people search on the internet. Whatever you have written in your headline will be one of the key ways of finding you on LinkedIn. If someone wants a career coach, for example, I am more likely to pop up in their search as I have listed this in my professional headline.

Please note that the ease with which people can find you on LinkedIn is also influenced by what sort of account you have with LinkedIn.

Karen Hollenbach from Think Bespoke is passionate about helping professionals and small business owners reach their full potential via Linkedin and career coaching, training, workshops and online career tools. She is committed to working with you to move your goals into action and help clients present the best version of themselves and their businesses with LinkedIn Profiles and LinkedIn Company Pages. Think Bespoke's LinkedIn services include LinkedIn Coaching, Strategies, Profile & Company Page Creation, Updates & Management to help you leverage LinkedIn for your business.

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