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4 simple steps on what to systemise first for awesome Scale

by She Will Shine on 13-11-2018 in Small Business, Outsourcing, Members Only: Online Education, Business Development
4 simple steps on what to systemise first for awesome Scale
Most business owners understand that systemising is a critical step to scaling their business. But where do you start? In a perfect world, your people are delivering an amazing customer experience in line with your brand and values. But without good systems in place - that is, your processes, tech platforms and reports working in harmony, to guide your people down the right path, inevitably things fall back to the Owner to solve problems and drive the business. Most business owners that have felt that pain know how important systems are to solving this, but struggle to know where to start. What to systemise first does depend on your growth stage of your business, marked by your revenue and the size of your team. For the sake of this blog, let’s start at the freelance level and move into mature mid-market business. To provide concise advice on how to implement systems, let’s divide the process into 4 steps.