"8 Simple Rules for Marketing Without Money" with Jane Caro

by She Will Shine on 08-08-2013 in Small Business, Marketing, Inspirational Women


Today I had the pleasure of attending the BizMaroondah Lunch with Jane Caro. I've heard such great feedback from the BizMaroondah Biz Week Events that I thought it was about time to check them out for myself PLUS I'm a big Jane Caro fan from The Gruen Transfer (having worked in advertising agencies in my past pre-kids life)... AND to top it off she's a mum in business so what's not to like!

A little background on Jane. She's an author, novelist, lecturer, mentor, social commentator, columnist, workshop facilitator, speaker, broadcaster and award winning advertising writer. She now runs her own communications consultancy and if that wasn't enough, she is also the mother of two daughters, a wife, a beef producer and a timber grower. That's a mouthful!

Jane's presentation topic was "8 Simple Rules for Marketing Without Money", one that's especially applicable in small businesses where budget's are always tight. Here's some notes which I hope will help in your business.

8 Simple Rules for Marketing Without Money

1. Under promise and over deliver
Manage your customer's expectations and give them a little more than they expect.

2. Be customer centred
Empathise with what is happening to your customer. Understand their problem and solve it. If you can't solve it, help them find someone who can. 

3. Go for the low hanging fruit
Set yourself achievable goals and realistic targets. Over time get higher up that tree. Success breeds success!

4. All purchase decisions are made emotionally then post-rationalised
"Hope" and "fear" are the ONLY two emotions that change behaviour. Are we offering our customer's "hope" or are we helping them to minimise "fear".

5. Give your purchasers reasons to choose you
Make a case. Make them feel rational. Give them permission to have what they want. 

6. Raising staff morale
The basis of all good marketing. All staff must be on-board everything you do. 

7. Lower customer anxiety
It's a time of high anxiety, help your customers feel that doing business with you is a sensible thing to do.

8. You must love what you do and what you sell!
The best sales people are believers. They are enthusiasts. That's why you believe them.


Thanks to BizMaroondah for the pics.


08-08-2013 02:44PM
Wish I could have gone. Those are fab tips - which seem simple but I am sure many of us overlook some of these simple things in trying to aim too high up the tree ! Thx for the reminder :)

Phil Lowe
12-08-2013 12:31PM
Great tips, as a 23+ year PR consultant, the difference I see between businesses that fly and those that don't are the ones who know WHY they exist (not just what and how) and share it -- connecting emotionally. Small biz and start-ups have the chance to be nimble, to utilise the internet, and to act with trust and authenticity in all their communications. Nor need it take lots of time, money and resources. It's very easy to DIY PR, especially with the likes of SourceBottle, and gaining publicity is great for brand integrity (providing it's good, authentic publicity!).

05-09-2013 08:40AM
Thanks Danielle - really appreciate you collating these tips for us - its great feeling connected even though I am sitting alone at home and sometimes wondering if I have any idea what I am doing! Your tips reassured me that I can do this! Thanks.

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