The Catch Up: All you need to know about hiring a Virtual Assistant (Podcast + Video)

by She Will Shine on 11-09-2018 in Small Business, Podcasts, Outsourcing, HR
The Catch Up: All you need to know about hiring a Virtual Assistant (Podcast + Video)

In this interview, Danielle speaks to Rosie Shilo, Founder of Virtually Yours, a network for Australian VAs.

Are you considering hiring a VA?
Are you unsure how to find the right one for you?

Or are you tossing up between hiring a VA and hiring an employee?

Rosie shares how to create a successful working relationship with a Virtual Assistant, as well as how to grow your business with a virtual team around you.


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01:00  How to know when you're ready to outsource to a VA?

04:50  VA versus employee

11:45  What jobs can you give a VA?

14:30  The benefits of working with more than one Virtual Assistant

15:37  Onboarding a new Virtual Assistant

24:00  Agreements

27:00  How long does it take?

28:12  Offshoring

38:25  Rosie's top three tips


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eBook: 123 tasks you can handball to a VA

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About Rosie Shilo

Rosie Shilo has created a thriving and ever growing network for Virtual Assistants, Virtually Yours, a network for over 190 Australian Virtual Assistants founded in 2004.

Rosie has mentored many new and experienced VAs in their business, and seen them overcome many hurdles to achieve amazing goals. This inspired her to write 'VA VA Voom: How to become an amazing VA and every client's most Valued Asset' which was published in May 2014 and has sold hundreds of copies to date. She has also launched her own VA podcast Outsourcing Mysteries Exposed.

This passionate woman is a true asset to the Virtual Assistant industry and her desire to see the industry grow and develop shines through in everything she does.


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