Are you "all in" with Janine?

by She Will Shine on 27-06-2016 in She Will Shine
Are you


Avid watchers of Shark Tank would know that Janine Allis of Boost Juice fame won’t invest in entrepreneurs or businesses unless they are “all in”.



So what exactly does that mean?

It means that this is not a side project.

It means that you are 100% focused and committed to solving the problem.

It means that you are not distracted.

It means that your clients are your top priority.

It means there is no ulterior motive.

It means that your passion lies in what you are doing.

It means that you have the capacity to be more and to do more for your clients.

It means that you can respond to your clients needs and pivot as soon as needed.

It means that you are constantly striving to do better and to achieve more. 

It means that you don’t push one product just to sell another.


This is why She Will Shine is different. I put you, our She Will Shine members, at the top of my priority list. And I ensure this community has 100% of my focus.


I don’t have a side job. I don’t have another business. This is it.


You are it.


If you would like to be top of my priority list too, you can find out all the benefits of joining She Will Shine here.


About the Author

As the founder of She Will Shine, Danielle is passionate about supporting women in business and has created a village for female business owners across Australia. It’s a village born from a desire to genuinely connect with other like-minded women who completely understand the highs and lows of being a business owner. The wins and successes, the isolation and frustration - in addition to the responsibilities of everyday life.

As well as being a supportive community, She Will Shine offers training and education, co-working, online resources and in-person events, and provides a space for members to create personal connections, motivate and support each other to go further and shine brighter.


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