Brand Protection. Do I need it?

by She Will Shine on 15-06-2015 in Small Business, Business Law, Branding
Brand Protection. Do I need it?


Not sure if you need to trademark?

You've registered your business name, isn't that enough?

Watch Brand Protection. Do I need it? below and find out.

In this episode of She Will Shine TV, Lawyer and Trademarks Attorney Kate Hamer from Ethikate // Brand & IP Protection Strategies explains why brand protection is important for small business. She also clarifies what a trademark is and the importance of trademarking.

This is a must watch for those of you confused and unsure if you need to invest in trademarking. It can be perceived as a costly process but it really can save you so much more over the long term. A big thank you to Kate for giving us the low down on how it affects small business.


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