CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE PART 1: The complete beginner's guide

by She Will Shine on 18-08-2014 in Small Business, Marketing
CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE PART 1: The complete beginner's guide

Trying to explain exactly what it is I do can sometimes leave people a little confused – usually because they assume that when I’m saying “Customer Experience” I mean “Customer Service”. Or because they hear the word marketing, and they automatically think advertising.

So, here’s a quick snapshot into why I believe that getting your customer experience right is at the heart of all marketing you will ever have to do for your business.

Customer Service = an event
The customer service you provide is basically about 3 principles – the people involved, the physical evidence of what you deliver and the process you use to deliver it. It’s finite. As a consumer, you can receive amazing service on one occasion, and next time around it might be a total disaster.

Customer Experience = a feeling 
The experience your customer has may incorporate the customer service. But it is much more subjective and experiential. Even with all things absolutely equal, the experience two people have with your business may be completely different. In fact, the experience someone has with your business may not be due to a transaction having occurred AT ALL.

The experience we have with a business is more about how we feel about that business than the actual product or service itself. That being said, to ensure a great experience, we HAVE to ensure that our product or service is at least meeting our customer’s expectations.

As you can see, every single aspect of your business has the potential to impact on a customer’s experience. This is why it is now critical to make customer experience part of the DNA of your organisation – so that at each touchpoint you show your customers that you sincerely want to serve them.

I’m not sure where this quote came from originally, but it’s one I’ve used for a long time:

“Everybody who has an interaction with your business is a marketer of your business.”

Your own promotion – via blogs, social media, networking etc – is only a fraction of the marketing of your business that is going on. Every single person you come across is a potential marketer of you and your business. So it’s critical that you make the process of doing business with you a pleasure rather than a chore.

IN THE NEXT INSTALMENT, I’ll share with you five essential ingredients for creating a great experience for your clients.


Jodie Preiss is a Customer Experience Strategist. She believes we’re in the middle of a Customer Experience Revolution. Businesses that want to thrive in the next few years are the ones to let go of the old way of doing business and embrace a novel way forward.

Jodie guides businesses from declining or stagnant sales, falling market share and dissatisfied customers, to a framework that ensures a strong, loyal and passionate client base to drive sales and improve the all-important bottom line. Jodie created her FREE guide, the ABCs of Amazing Customer Experiences to help you start focusing on your customers and set yourself above the competition. Download your copy at 


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