Dear Non-Gender Specific Reader...

by She Will Shine on 12-09-2017 in The Journey, She Will Shine
Dear Non-Gender Specific Reader...

School holidays are fast approaching so I thought I would share just a small portion of the 100,000 thoughts that were rolling around in my head last school holidays as a female entrepreneur.

Now you might blink and miss it, but there could be a few items that don't appear in the thought process of my male counterparts.

1. Prepare to meet the Victorian Premier tomorrow morning.

2. Continue fostering existing partnerships and connections, open conversation about future collaboration to increase visibility of our all-female coworking space in Melbourne

3. Get Lucas to the hairdressor… Bugger, can’t do it, hope Mum can AND that he comes home with a decent cut.

4. Marketing and promotion of upcoming national events on the She Will Shine Calendar.

5. Check what homework needs to be done by when… Seriously, homework in school holidays?!?!

6. Mentoring She Will Shine scholarship recipients to ensure the progress and development of these female-led businesses.

7. Is Clara getting better? Might need to make another doctor’s appointment… She’ll have to miss that playdate… Add calling Mila’s mum to my to-do list.

8. Ongoing business development to continue the growth of the She Will Shine community nation-wide.

9. Financial reporting of current income/expenditure.

10. What’s for dinner? Pantry is empty… When WAS the last time I grocery shopped??

Now I’ll ask the question, and I’ll leave it to you to decide, are the challenges faced by women the same as men?


***Please note this is a gross generalisation and stereotype and does not apply to all living men on this planet.



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As the Founder of She Will Shine, Danielle Price is passionate about supporting women in business and has created a village for female business owners across Australia. It’s a village born from a desire to genuinely connect and support like-minded women who completely understand the challenges of being a business owner.

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