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How to find your ideal Virtual Assistant

by She Will Shine on 03-09-2018 in Small Business, Outsourcing, Members Only: Online Education, HR
How to find your ideal Virtual Assistant
So many businesses start out as solo operators. And that’s fine – it’s usually the idea or the ‘love child’ of one person who decides to start the business. You work tirelessly, doing it all – admin, building a website, being social, bookkeeping… After a little while, it becomes obvious that running a successful business needs a team. And yes, this can be very intimidating for many soloist business owners. You’re looking at putting your trust into a virtual stranger who’s going to see your business undies – the private bits of your business that you previously reserved for your eyes only. But outsourcing doesn’t need to be the big, bad, scary thing you may have heard horror stories about.