I haven't had a shower at home in five weeks

by She Will Shine on 26-08-2015 in The Journey, Small Business
I haven't had a shower at home in five weeks

Yep, it's true. Now thankfully, I haven't had to stink out anyone who has been brave enough to come close, parents around the corner really can be a lifesaver! You see, we have just had our bathroom renovated by a not so reliable tradesman. And with only one bathroom in the house it has been quite inconvenient.

Especially as it's winter.

Especially as I have two young children.

Especially as it was meant to be completed in two weeks.

While this has been the source of many headaches around my little household to say the least... yes I shall repeat, it was FIVE weeks without a bathroom... As a small business owner who prides herself on customer service this was extremely frustrating.

Every day I see women (and I am including myself) who are doing their darn-dest to create and build successful businesses. Women who LISTEN to their clients, who UNDERSTAND their clients, who are EXCEEDING their client's expectations. And golly, it's hard work. But they do it. They put 110% in. They may be exhausted, time-poor, cash-strapped but they do it. They get on with the job and they deliver as they promised, when they promised and you know what else, they absolutely love it and more than likely they have delivered that little bit more.

So where does this leave our not-so-trusty tradie? Not on my Christmas Card list, that's for sure. Days of arriving late, not showing up at all... seriously how can business owners get away with this?

Having this all happen around me has made me even more committed to supporting women in business. Ladies, I know how hard you are working for your beloved clients and I have made it my mission to see your vision for your businesses brought to life. Together we can show these disrespectful business owners how it is done.

Now if you don't mind I'm off for a shower.


Maxine Shea
04-09-2015 06:43PM
Yes yes please.. it would so help me on my way to being in OZ. Even have an OZ addy to send it too.

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