My lunch with Kate Ceberano... and about 300+ other women

by She Will Shine on 19-08-2013 in Inspirational Women, Small Business
My lunch with Kate Ceberano... and about 300+ other women


Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 20ish years, you've heard of Kate Ceberano. With a multitude of platinum and gold albums under her belt, not to mention tv appearances, charity work and motherhood, she certainly is one talented (and busy) woman. Add to that her guest speaker role at the latest City of Whitehorse Women In Business Lunch which I was fortunate enough to attend last week, and now am looking forward to sharing with you.

From the moment Kate stepped onto the stage in front of the capacity 300+ female-strong audience, we were captivated. From stories of her family's migration to Australia, to her father's Filipino heritage as well as what it was like growing up in North Balwyn, her passion for her family and her music was evident.

"I am tenacious. I am absolutely volatile. I'm so ambitious you have no idea."

And she hasn't got to where she is on her own. Her family play a huge role in both her professional career and personal home life. Her mum was her manager in the early days and now her step-dad is her tour manager. And where her daughter Gypsy (9) is concerned it's a game of "Tetris" where everyone slips into line to look after her.

It's this honesty in not trying to be a super woman and do everything herself that makes her so real.

"You have to be who you are and celebrate the differences. Don't try to be a man… It's not about competing or comparing yourselves with other as you will end up disappointed… It's about delivering your one sense of uniqueness even in business."

We were extremely fortunate to hear Kate's beautiful voice when she sang a couple of songs from her new album Kensal Road as well as old favourite "Brave". And of course, you know I just had to get a celebrity pic with yours truly.

Personally, I found Kate to be both inspiring and honest. Her open-ness when speaking about her family and lessons learned over the years were unexpected, and her obvious happiness in professionally getting to a place where she knows what she would like to be doing for the rest of her life... And I must admit as a mum, and as a business mum, my favourite quote of the day had to be the following.

"I will not win mother of the year award any time soon, but my daughter thinks I'm the best mother in the world."


Kate's advice for women in business:

• If something is not working. Stop. You must change and evolve.
• Observe your finances and be careful not to overspend.
• Everything has to be looked at from the eyes of the receiver.
• Lavish your business with love. Do everything you can so that it is an authentic representation of you.



Author: Danielle Price

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