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On The Couch: With Rhianna Bridgett (Podcast + Video)

by She Will Shine on 29-11-2018 in Webinars, The Journey, Podcasts, On The Couch, Members Only: Online Education, Inspirational Women
On The Couch: With Rhianna Bridgett (Podcast + Video)
On The Couch by She Will Shine brings you the real stories of Australian female-led businesses. In this episode we talk to Rhianna Bridgett. Rhianna is a Musculoskeletal Therapist/Myotherapist who has worked in the industry for approximately 6 years and currently works in private practice. Rhianna shares her journey to accidental business owner and how high-school bullying impacted her life. She also discusses how a young girl's dream has now become a reality. Proudly presented by Danielle Price, Founder of She Will Shine.