So why is it women only?

by She Will Shine on 09-09-2015 in The Journey, She Will Shine
So why is it women only?


From time to time... usually by a male... I get asked this question, "So why is She Will Shine women only?"

While I may feel it is pretty self-explanatory, women understand women... right? Sometimes this answer receives a blank stare in response, so I thought I would go into the real reason why it's important that we as women have our own community that celebrates the innately feminine way we do business.



1. The political reason.

Now many would expect me to say that I created this women's only community to even up the playing field and give women a boost in an otherwise male dominated world.

There is after all, the gender pay gap. Yes it does exist and yes it does play a role in the lack of female CEOs sitting at the helm of businesses here in Australia. Full time women earn 17.9% less than their male counterparts*.

Then there's the Glass Ceiling. The Merriem Webster Dictionary defines it as "an unfair system or set of attitudes that prevents some people (such as women or people of a certain race) from getting the most powerful jobs".

Both very important factors in the lack of women sitting at the top of big business. Both great reasons to start a women only business community.

Did this happen to me. No.
Did I leave my full time employment for this reason. No.

Which leads me onto the next reason...

2. The personal reason.

Not all women actually want to be CEOs.

Now I know there are women who are working hard and striving up the corporate ladder to break through that glass ceiling, and I wish them every success. But it's not me, and it's not all women in business. We can have aspirations for our business success without it involving sitting on a board of someone else's company.

I became a business owner out of my own personal needs and situation. I took control of my life and created an opportunity that worked for me. It had nothing to do with pay gaps or glass ceilings, and everything to do with me, my family, my wellbeing and the quality of life I wanted to lead.

And I needed the support of women who understood that. Now the challenge was finding those women. Enter the brilliant She Will Shine community!

3. It doesn't have anything to do with men.

To be honest, when I created She Will Shine I didn't consider men at all.

Is that a bad thing? I don't think so. You see, I am a woman. Most of my friends are women. I understand them. I don't claim to understand men or know what they want or need on their business journey. All that comes to mind is beer and sport.

Although our businesses may differ, the women in my community run their business with the focus on collaborating and building personal client relationships. Nurturing these relationships, supporting and helping others comes naturally and is where women thrive.

So are women doing it right and are men doing it wrong? Absolutely not. Different does not mean better, it just means we operate our businesses based on who we are, our own personal values and experiences.


Now there may be those who see gender specific business communities as discriminating against men, some even going as far as using anti-discrimination law from the 1950s to shut down organisations and events aiming to promote women. Just as businesses have niches so too do communities. No community will satisfy everyone. There needs to be a niche, a specialty that appeals to those who are in need of that certain type of support.

A community that tries to please the masses will never fully satisfy any.


* ABS (2015), Average Weekly Earnings, Australia, May 2015


About Danielle Price

Danielle Price is the fearless leader of the She Will Shine women in business community and is loving every minute. She actively supports women in business and believes that together we will all shine far brighter than on our own.

Through her own business journey she discovered how important it is to come together with like-minded women who completely understand the feelings of isolation, frustration and exhaustion associated with being a woman, and a business owner.

At She Will Shine she focuses on the practical ways to help in day-to-day business life and has created a community of like-minded women who truly understand what it's like to run and grow a business. From workshops, accountability, online support and resources, to networking with a difference, her members have said goodbye to isolation, and have the motivation and support they need to go further and shine brighter.

If you'd like to chat contact Danielle today.


Come together and shine far more brightly than on your own.
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Now is your time to shine. Join us today.


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