The "Best of the Best" Advice to Grow Your Business

by She Will Shine on 11-03-2014 in Inspirational Women, Business Development, Small Business

If you're after some pure "gold" business tips from some of Australia's finest entrepreneurs, you've come to the right place. I'm just back from The UnConvention, a national event put on by the guys at The Entourage and featuring some big names including Lisa Messenger and Jack Delosa. I was inspired, I networked, I yelled, I jumped on chairs, I high-fived till the cows came home... AND I received "the best of the best" advice to grow your business.


Lisa Messenger,
Publisher and Editor in Chief of the Collective Magazine, Owner and Creative Director of The Messenger Group

1. Have an unwavering self belief.

2. Remove your ego.

3. Understand your purpose.

4. Surround yourself with the right people.

5. Know what your weaknesses are and hire people who can fill those gaps.

6. Completely surrender your comfort.



Jack Delosa,
Founder of The Entourage

1. Be front of mind. Talk to your audience on a minimum weekly basis that is not pushy, spammy or salesy

2. Add value. Educate and Entertain.

3. Understand your customer better than they do. What feelings do they go through when they buy from you?

4. Empathise with and articulate the challenges of your customers.

5. Currency of industry leadership in 2014 is CONTENT.




Ruslan Kogan,
Founder and CEO Kogan Technologies

1. Every transaction in business has to be a win win.

2. What's not sustainable cannot be sustained.

3. Be accountable.

4. Take responsibility for your own actions.

5. Customers need to see social proof.
Don't underestimate its importance.

6. What is your competitive advantage?

7. What is your value add to the consumer?



And of course I had to share my favourite moment of the day. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Lisa Messenger and wow what an inspiration (and a genuinely lovely lady too!). She has created a community of thought leaders, game changers, rule breakers and style makers, and I love it. If you haven't checked it out yet put it top of your list for your monthly dose of entrepreneurial inspiration.



Lisa Messenger
20-03-2014 12:54PM
Thanks a million!!! Such a fun inspiring tour xxx

03-04-2014 08:19PM
You're very welcome Lisa. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you x

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