The Catch Up: Facebook Advertising (Podcast)

by She Will Shine on 30-11-2018 in The Catch Up, Social Media, Small Business, Sales, Podcasts, Marketing
The Catch Up: Facebook Advertising (Podcast)

Danielle catches up with Angelique Petzierides, the Founder of Social Media Mania.

In this episode of The Catch Up, we’re taking a look at Facebook Advertising, a topic that still generates a heap of questions and a lot of confusion.

Angelique Petzierides is on hand to guide us through the complexities.


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How to create a successful Facebook advertising campaign


About Angelique Petzierides

Ange is the Founder of Social Media Mania and there’s nothing she loves more than to help others do well, this is where her drive and passion for social media came from.

Ange draws on her own marketing experiences having worked in the retail and wholesale industries for over 20 years. In this time, she has upheld great admiration for the successful business owners she worked for. She’s drawn from this energy to follow her own dream and create Social Media Mania.

Her focus is to keep it clear and easy to understand. By removing the confusions and overwhelm that haunt social media, her clients walk away and implement a credible social media strategy in line with their business goals.

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