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The importance of Time Management

by She Will Shine on 17-11-2018 in Wellbeing, Time Management, The Journey, Outsourcing, Members Only: Online Education
The importance of Time Management
As women we often feel like we are pulled in so many directions due to the fact that we wear many different ‘hats’ over the course of a day – that of a daughter, sibling, mother, friend, wife, business owner, employee, chef, care giver and the list goes on. It can regularly feel like you are a ‘juggler’ with many balls in the air all at the same time. We all face time pressures and even myself as an organising expert & academic life coach, I often say I'd just love another hour or two some days just to get something done. Unfortunately, though time is finite and this is not possible - what is however possible though is to ensure we manage the time we do have as effectively as we can. It is also extremely important to ensure that we still manage to find time for the little things we enjoy even though our schedules can be hectic and personal time can become a rarity. To assist with all the various ‘hats’ we wear it is crucial to be a good time manager which in turn then links very closely with our level of productivity.