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3 ways to reduce stress around a busy schedule


3 ways to reduce stress around a busy schedule

Speaking as someone going through a second lock down, it feels like we had a flash of normality before we got catapulted back into the vacuum of screen life and home-schooling. I will put my hand up and admit that I’m finding this round a lot harder than the last. I’ve yet to bake anything, my daily wardrobe is a rotation of stretchy pants and my sense of humour often goes missing.

However, as I chat to my bestie who lives in Queensland, I’m reminded that stress is relative.

Not everyone is enduring isolation but most of us are managing the juggle in the wake of a ‘new normal’ and none of us are immune to stressful days. Learning how to support ourselves in good times and bad is an essential skill.


Self-Care is Queen

Lockdown or not, self-care is critical to how we function.

Many working women, (particularly mums) tell me they put little focus on prioritising themselves until the wheels come off. This is because the concept of `self’ and `care’ is often confused with indulgences like a day spa or tropical retreats. As fabulous as they are, for many it’s rare and for some of us it’s a genuinely a pipe dream right now!

Self-care in real terms means taking a maintenance approach to your mental and physical upkeep. If you consider your average daily schedule without throwing in the gloomy headlines and our changing world, there’s no shortage of stress triggers.

While we are built to respond to short term floods of adrenaline and cortisol, prolonged stress takes a significant toll on almost every system in your body. What may start as being snappier and more reactive, can build over time to anxiety, depression, and other physical illness.


The Magic of Micro Habits

Integrating helpful habits into your daily routine is a sustainable way to short circuit stress and soothe anxiety as it’s rising. The aim is to practice engaging our parasympathetic system which allows the body to go into rest and digest mode, enabling you to feel calm and safe.

What puts the magic into micro-habits is that they’re small and require minimal effort to slot into your schedule. Behavioural research suggest that bite sized habits are easier to maintain and like compound interest, the benefits build up.

So, what can we do to short circuit stress on the go?

If you keep it small but practice these mini – habits daily, you’ll be surprised how much better you feel.


Micro Habit # 1

Start your day tech free for minimum of 30 minutes

What?! …I hear you cry … Stay with it – because how you start your day sets the tone for the rest of your day.

Instead of activating your stress response the second you wake up with work emails and other media, commit to skip the scrolling and tv. Give yourself time to collect your thoughts and ground without screen-based diversions. You’ll be more productive, less distracted, and ready to take on the rest of your day.

On waking reserve your time to start your day being present.

Time with the family
A cuppa quietly on your own – if you can get that luxury!

If you can over time, extend your tech free window particularly on weekends.


Micro habit # 2

Practice Box Breathing

This is a fantastic breathing technique that can be used anywhere, several times a day when you can feel your anxiety levels spiking. Commonly practiced by those in high stress professions (think ER medics and navy divers) box breathing dials down the effects of an adrenaline cortisol overload, helping to calm the mind and relax the body.

If you have a big presentation coming up, you’ve had a difficult meeting, you’re feeling overloaded or you can’t sleep, practicing box breathing is an instant rescue.


Box Breathing Method

Repeat the cycle 4 – 5 times until you feel noticeably calmer. If you would like a demonstration, YouTube has plenty of examples.


Micro habit # 3

Use the S.T.O.P technique to create space for yourself

This mindfulness technique is another wonderful way to diffuse stress in the moment. It enables you to create space and pause.
It’s also a useful method if you’re in danger of reacting in the heat of the moment or if you’re feeling irritable, emotional and not at your best. In addition, it’s a powerful way to interrupt episodes of self-judgement, self-criticism and negativity we can subject ourselves to when we’re stressed.

S: Stop what you’re doing. Take a pause and acknowledge whatever you’re thinking in this moment.
T: Take a few deep breaths and gently bring yourself in to the present moment. Focus on your breath as you inhale and exhale
O: Observe what you are experiencing in that moment.
What physical sensations do you notice?
What emotions are you feeling right now?
What are thoughts doing?
What assumptions are you making about yourself?
What stories are you telling yourself?
P: Proceed gently by asking yourself:
What is the one most important thing I need to focus on right now? OR
What is the kindest thing I can do for myself right now?


Remembering to practice these techniques may take some getting used to, but with persistence they will become second nature and you’ll notice your stress levels dial down more quickly and easily.


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About Maya Looker
Maya is a coach, facilitator, clinical hypnotherapist, and meditation teacher. She established Head Start Wellness after spending 20 years in the corporate sector diligently following the path to senior leadership.

It was while training as an executive coach that Maya realised putting the `Well’ into her `Being’, was inextricably linked to her sense of joy and purpose. Motivated by her real-world insights into the challenges of commercial environments, she decided to blend her business skills with a lifelong passion for health and wellness.

With a penchant for a good strategy on a page and a lot of empathy, she now packages practical ways to supercharge your wellbeing. HSW offers programs for teams and busy professionals who want to design balance and be effective, with less stress, more joy.

To discover more visit Head Start Wellness.

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Why we need authentic connection now more than ever



Why we need authentic connection now more than ever

2020 is not going the way most of us planned. Who knew phrases like ‘the new normal’, ‘challenging times’ and ‘social distancing’ would slip into our vernacular as easily as those activewear tights slip on most mornings these days (am I right?). Here’s how I’ve stayed connected with others during these uncertain times and why we need authentic connection opportunities more than ever before.


Zoom, anyone?

During lockdown #1 it’s fair to say I reached Zoom capacity. Otherwise known as the state you get to when every social activity in your world resorts to Zoom. I was Zoom gym-ing, Zoom book-clubbing, Zoom calling-the-grandparents-ing, Zoom Saturday-night-wine-ing/whining. And of course, SWS coffee chats and Friday afternoon drinks.

But these were important because they helped maintain connection. Much-needed human contact in a time of such upheaval and unease. I craved familiarity – to speak with and see friends who suddenly seemed so far away and family who were conservatively isolating.

What I realised was, there’s a balance. I wound back some of the video calls if I felt my energy was being drained. If there was the option to transition to a phone call, I would. After all, the chance for long phone chats with friends was a novelty. No hasty text messages or leaving it days between contact because #busy. The need for human company was real. The uncertainty, unease and unfamiliarity was unsettling.


Exploring client relationships IRL

Talk about breaking the fourth wall. I had calls where I saw my clients’ messy lounge rooms, young children, snack plates, pets and trackies. I saw into their lives and they saw into mine. Interestingly, this authentic connection has changed our working relationships for the better moving forward. Here’s why.

  • Communication transformed into total, upfront honesty at all times. It had to, just to prepare people for the 4 year-old who would likely wander in and sit on my lap during a Zoom and pop an ear pod in his ear for a listen. Likewise, both corporate and small business clients had young, screaming babies at home. It became just a natural part of our meetings and chats, where we actually checked in on how each other were going.
  • I proved to clients – even those who had been rigidly opposed to remote work – that the work would always get done. We built in flexibility around how, with the understanding that things could change at any moment during the day. I could make up the time in the evenings, when things were quiet. Or take an extra day or two. Content could wait. It wasn’t frontline stuff, for goodness sake.


Taking the connection offline

To get a tech break, I started each morning in lockdown with a long walk. I soon discovered a couple of friends and connections in the area who were doing the same. So, socially distanced – or SD – walks became a thing. Conversations that would ordinarily happen over text, Facebook Messenger or Instagram DMs became real, human conversations with a face. These walks were valuable opportunities to talk through big feelings, navigate challenges and uplift one another. They spurred us on for another week, another day, even just the next few hours. It was a case of stronger together.


In times of change, we need some things to stay the same

One of my lifelines during this time has been the familiarity and steadfast support from the She Will Shine community. With a level of intimacy already well established within the group, we allowed ourselves to feel vulnerable together. While in my own home context, I tried hard to stay positive for our household, our Shiner Zooms were a place I could let my guard down. We talked openly of the stresses and challenges of home-schooling and taking care of young children. The pull between work and family and the excessive mental load. A lot of my friends don’t relate to small business life. This group has my back and really understands the unique pressures on women in business. Hey, we can run successful businesses; we can navigate a global pandemic together.


We’re better together

We don’t know what the near or distant future will bring for us – our businesses, families, and ourselves. What we do know is that the power of real connection can do so much to sustain us when we’re in unchartered waters. When everything we know changes. When we’re grieving what we’ve missed and what will no longer be. One thing I know is we truly cannot do it alone.


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About Emma McMillan
Emma is your copy sidekick. She collaborates with time-poor established small business owners, marketing teams and agencies to create content they can be proud of that speaks to their audience. Her 1:1 copy coaching service is perfect for those who want to learn copy skills and develop the courage to DIY.

Contact Emma over on her website, on socials @emmamcmillancopy or on LinkedIn.

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How to create your 30 second business elevator pitch


How to create your 30 second business elevator pitch

Sound familiar? You know your business inside and out, but you struggle to find the right words and be concise when explaining it to strangers. Then my friend, you need a business elevator pitch.


What is a business elevator pitch?

It’s a 30-second memorable description of what you do and/or what you sell. The goal is to earn a second conversation, not to convince the person you’re talking to that they should buy from you.


How do you craft your business elevator pitch?

So now it’s time to think about what you need to include in your elevator pitch. Get out a pen and paper and answer the following questions. This will then help you to form your pitch.

  1. Who is your target market?
  2. What are the problems and challenges that they face?
  3. How do you help them solve those problems?


The business elevator pitch technique we’re going to use today is The Gaddie Pitch

This technique was created by Antony Gaddie, Founder and CEO of Green Ant Marketing. The reason I like it is because it’s simple, easy to remember and conversational. You don’t want to sound like a robot when you’re out networking!


The Gaddie Pitch consists of the following three statements:

Your name and business and then…

  1. You know how…?
  2. Well what we do is…
  3. In fact…


Let’s break that down
  1. You know how…?
    What are the problems of your target niche. You can use an analogy or metaphor so people understand.
  2. Well what we do is…
    Don’t name exactly what you do. Focus on the benefit that people get when you deliver your services including what is unique about what you do. What is the differentiator? Try and put them in the second sentence.
  3. In fact…
    Use the best example/case study that you can to back up number 2 sentence. Use an actual name of the person and company you worked with. Ask their permission first.


Here’s an example

Hi, I’m Danielle Price from She Will Shine.

You know how women business owners feel overwhelmed and isolated when they’re working on their own?

Well what She Will Shine does is connect these women with a female focused business community that provides them with the genuine connections and support they need to grow a thriving, meaningful business around their life.

In fact one of our members, Ange Petzierides of Social Media Mania values the community so much that she said it’s one of the best decisions she’s made in her business life.


Now it’s your turn

Use the three statements above, together with your notes from earlier to form your Gaddie Pitch. Be sure to practise saying it aloud and to others and ask for their feedback.

Using the above technique you will master the art of the 30 second business elevator pitch, and be networking like a pro in no time!

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The 3 Step Guide To Writing Your Unique Selling Proposition.


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About Danielle Price
With over 10 years small business experience, Danielle Price has created an Australia-wide network of female founders at She Will Shine. An expert networker and elevator of women business owners, Danielle facilitates connection and support between like-minded women in working towards a common goal of creating a successful business around personal responsibilities and life. Danielle’s passion is sharing and giving a voice to the real stories of Australian women business owners. Learn more about Danielle here.

The community supporting Australian female founders.


5 Ways To Increase Productivity In Business



Are you looking to increase your productivity in your business? Here are 5 ways to increase your productivity and improve efficiency for your business success.


So – your business is flourishing. Life is getting busier and every minute of your day counts. You’ve got the right technology in place and working hard but business flow is clunky and nothing is working how it should. What happened?

You’ve become a victim of your own success. You’ve been concentrating on the big picture, and your building blocks – the foundations of your business, are lost and forgotten, inhibiting your ability to scale. This is something we see frequently and it’s easily fixed.

Let’s review 5 key areas of your business and identify what you need to have in place for a truly productive business.


1. Document Management

Ineffective document management can lead to extensive frustration and lost time. It’s really not the most fun or interesting topic to talk about but it’s integral to your personal and business productivity. Think about how long you spend looking for documents, trying to figure out the latest version when there’s multiple copies with random file names. Worse still – you can’t find the document you’re looking for and end up re-creating.

So what do we need to do to get it right?

File Storage:
• Ensure your filing structure is clear and logical.
• Structure like sub folders i.e. clients, in the same way each time to allow everyone in your team to seamlessly navigate and find what they’re looking for.
• Set guidelines for your filing structure so that all new folders and all sub folders are defined,  replicated and ready to use.

File Creation:
• Develop document branding guidelines so every internal document has the same consistent formatting.
• Guidelines should include preferred font name & size for different header levels and paragraphs, preferred structure for footers and information to be included, colour codes to match logo fonts and position of logo (and if you have multiple logos – which one) on the page.
• Ensure that you use the styles feature in your document platform to make formatting quick and easy – if you’re not sure how this works, jump onto You Tube and view a quick tutorial. Invest 15 minutes in learning and you will gain that back for every document you create.
• Create naming guidelines and use version control when creating and updating your documents.  This will allow you to easily locate the exact document and version you’re looking for as you have structure around the naming convention. Eg. Doc_name_yearmonthdatev1 = Proposal_ABCCo_20180831
• Create templates for frequently used documents such as proposals, client research, client meetings etc. Ensure you save the document file extension as a template (.dotx in Word) so that it opens as a new document each time. Share these templates across the business so that everyone has access.
• If your current system is a dogs breakfast, don’t waste time re-filing and re-sorting all your old documents – it will be a waste of time. Simply create a new and effective system, pull existing files into your new system as you need them and sustain your new filing habits.


2. Email Management

Email is one of the biggest time wasters there is in business. It’s old and inefficient technology that’s become ingrained in our lives and given us bad habits.

How can you be more effective with email? Develop a system that works for you:
Action immediately: Process the email and ‘Do’ (complete the task immediately), ‘delegate’ (delegate or outsource the task) or ’delete’ (delete or archive the email)
OR if that process doesn’t work for you
Create 3 folders: Read, Action and Waiting then process your inbox into these folders to work from.

Reduce the amount of email landing in your inbox:
• Use your business email for business – keep personal separate.
• Use the rules & filter features available to put certain emails directly into certain folders i.e. articles you want to read into a read later folder. These emails will by pass your in box, reduce the volume received and also your overwhelm.
• Use an email plug-in such as unroll.me to unsubscribe from unwanted emails and bulk action others.

Automate information flow:
• Research the plug-ins and add-ons available for your email platform (you really need Google Apps or Office 365).
• Install the plug-ins for your CRM & Project Software. This will allow you to automate data entry of new contacts/leads and create tasks and projects from within your email platform, eliminating manual input and human error.
• Use a text expander platform or canned responses / templates to define frequent communications and eliminate the need to create time and time again.


3. Technology Management

When it comes to technology business owners shudder – they don’t want to know about it, they just want it to work. The good news is, pretty much all technology nowadays is plug & play (or pay and play). If you use one of the main email & calendar platforms integration is simple and many of the cloud based platforms are designed to connect with just a few clicks.

Top tips to help you manage your technology
• Ensure your email, calendar and cloud file storage seamlessly update across your mobile and other devices.
• Ensure your data is backed up. Automate your daily back up. Set it up once and check it’s working. There is nothing worse than losing your data. It could cost your business time and money.
• Use a password manager like Last Pass or One Pass. This will save you a huge amount of time finding and re-setting passwords. Another benefit is that you can securely share passwords: I share log-ins with my offshore staff without them ever viewing the actual password. If the relationship ends, I can easily revoke access with one click.


4. Knowledge Share & Communication

Whether you’re working with a team of 20 or a team of 2, (or if you’re planning on developing a team around you), streamline knowledge share and clear communication is essential. You need your people to be able to find exactly what they need quickly and easily, and it needs to have context so it’s not mis-interpreted.

Are you equipping your team for success?
• Have you developed business guidelines for employees and contractors? Your guidelines will share information around what expectations of them, what they can expect from you, how you work with clients etc. Sharing this information allows everyone to be fully informed of the business values and principles and will contribute to the flow of your business and overall productivity.
• Do you have a resource centre (maybe an intranet) that houses your internal policies and guidelines? Is there a location where staff can find information about internal business policies, resource documents and internal guidelines?
• How do you share updates about business goals, wins and losses? Having your team on the same page, working towards common goals massively increases overall business productivity.

Tools to communicate internally:
• Chat and Messenger platforms facilitate quick conversations. You may choose to use something you’ve already got in place like Skype or Google Chat.
• Slack or similar platforms allow conversation channels specific to topics/projects, and have search capability for easy information retrieval.
• Your project platform may also have message or conversation capability – this can be great for specific conversations around particular tasks/projects, as there is immediate context to the conversation and application of information.


5. Personal Productivity

There are hundreds of books and thousands of articles on this subject. It’s important to remember that not everything works for everybody. You need to find the tips and hacks that fit with your style of working. Here’s a couple that work for many.

Match your energy to task
• Map your energy levels throughout the day and identify when is best for you to complete certain tasks.
• When energy is high focus on tasks that require creative and strategic thinking.
• When energy levels decrease focus on tasks that create momentum, and when energy is low complete tasks that require less brain power.
• By understanding how your circadian rhythms work you can leverage your time in a more productive manner:  you’ll elevate the quality and quantity of your work and will achieve more with less effort.

Plan your day the night before
1. Start the day with purpose and focus instead of wasting the first 30 minutes (prime working time!) on mapping out your day.
2. Schedule time to implement. Don’t stack your day with back to back meetings, you need to plan time to actually do the work. Schedule time to delegate & plan after meetings so that you stay on top of what needs to be done.
3. Identify your non negotiable, must-do tasks for the day ( 1-3 usually works). If possible, complete first thing in the morning to give you a sense of accomplishment and help get your day into flow. Commit to yourself that these tasks will get done before you finish work for the day. Be realistic!
4. Carve out focus time during your day. Turn off everything, tell your colleagues you are unavailable and give yourself time to focus on the one thing that needs your attention. If you are able to enjoy focus time each day – you’ll be amazed at your increased productivity levels.

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The tips we’ve shared are just a taste of how you can help build your business foundations, improve productivity and get ready to scale. Work through those that are relevant to your business & see your productivity sky rocket!


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Debbie Eglin, Productivity HubAbout Debbie Eglin
Debbie Eglin is the Founder of Productivity Hub and knows that most small business owners are working far harder than they need to due to lack of smart systems and not having the right technology in place. She’s helping business owners achieve the lifestyle they crave through business systemisation.

Working in corporate administration for over 20 years taught Debbie that although business systems and processes aren’t sexy and are often unloved, they’re an absolute necessity for business productivity and growth. She’s translated this need to the small business market.

Debbie meets with small business owners who are frustrated at having to do it all which is inhibiting their ability to scale and focus on high value tasks. She’s developed a simple and transferrable method to help all small business owners systemise with ease.

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How to network during ISO + beyond



Do you think it’s time to expand your network? Meet some new people and be inspired?


But there’s a couple of problems. You don’t like networking events. Or being sold to. Or having a one-sided conversation with a business card wielding bandit…


Oh and let’s not forget that you’ve been living through COVID-19 and lockdown life is super slowly getting back to a new less-than-10-people normal.


So what do you do? Do you ditch the idea of ever growing your network in 2020? Or do you start to think outside the box? Let’s go with the latter.


Right now networking online is the way to go. But how do you do it right? You may have thought about joining some online communities, dropping into FB groups, sliding into DMs, getting follow/like/comment happy? Perhaps you’re doing this already. Well done! Pat yourself on the back.


But what about thinking outside the square?

You could start looking for alternatives that offer opportunities for deeper connections. At She Will Shine we have our monthly Meet + Greets, our business focused Monthly Meetups and our one-on-one ‘Coffee. Connect. Shine.’ catch ups. All of these create more opportunities for our members to get to know each other online, as well as develop relationships in a more personal space. They’re a great way of meeting new people and getting to know each other without the word “networking” even being mentioned. We like the sound of that!

And if you’d like some extra networking ‘brownie points’, how about following-up and nurturing your new connections by sending an email, sharing a resource, or perhaps you’ve recently read a blog that may be beneficial to your new friend. How awesome are you?


WARNING! Online networking has some traps you can easily fall into…

1. It can be a little too easy to network in PJs.

2. Communication CAN be one way, brief and superficial UNLESS you go beyond the surface.

3. Not all Facebook groups are created equal. Choose wisely.

4. It’s easy to fall into “playing it safe” mode with this hide-behind-your-computer approach. Just lurking is not enough. You must be contributing to the conversation.


BUT there are benefits…

1. It’s convenient. No fighting traffic, or navigating personal logisitics.

2. Socials allow you to research (or stalk – you decide!) your wanna-be-besties-biz. What messages are they sending out to the world? Do your own values align?

3. Taking your time, doing your research, and nurturing conversations can lead perfectly into going offline and establishing real-life connection. Catch up on Zoom over coffee. Or pick up the phone and have a chat – another new found ISO benefit!


Regardless of the style of networking you opt for, you must remember that networking without a goal can be a huge time-waster… I know time-waster and online – who would have thought. But you need to be clear on your purpose. Do you want to collaborate? Are you feeling lonely? Do you need inspiration? Or perhaps you want to practise your elevator pitch?

And as ISO restrictions ease, don’t let the online space stop you from getting out there and meeting in person. As we’re currently learning there really is nothing like “in real life”.

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If you’re looking for a community of female founders to help you network through ISO and beyond than you’re already in the right place. Join the She Will Shine business community today and experience a new type of networking.


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network-for-women-in-businessAbout Danielle Price
With over 10 years small business experience, Danielle Price has created an Australia-wide network of female founders at She Will Shine. An expert networker and elevator of women business owners, Danielle facilitates connection and support between like-minded women in working towards a common goal of creating a successful business around personal responsibilities and life. Danielle’s passion is sharing and giving a voice to the real stories of Australian women business owners. Learn more about Danielle here.

The community supporting Australian female founders.


Because it needs to be said


I try to send positive vibes out across socials. It might put a smile on your dial, or maybe warm your heart just a little, or for those few seconds, simply take your mind off everything else. But I’m feeling for working mums right now. It’s been a hot topic in our She Will Shine weekly meet-ups and our online support group, and I think this is a conversation that needs to be had.

Because I’ve been seeing more and more of our members suffering from increased stress and anxiety. Not only are they trying to keep their own businesses afloat in these challenging times, they are also looking after kids 24/7 and in charge of all things home learning, plus so much more. Mental load has increased ten-fold.


If you’re a mum you already were at capacity before you even knew what COVID-19 was, so how are you coping now?


Yes, these are unprecedented times but systematically the extra load continues to fall to women.

Which brings me to this big question… Why is it that when a male works from home, it’s “expected” that he just moves his laptop to the spare room and shuts the door behind him? And when it happens to women, the laptop comes out onto the dining table, plus breakfast, lunch, dinner, the never-ending snacks, the boredum-busting, school communication, home learning, general logistics and up-keep of the house… Did I mention that she has also has work and clients to attend to. And don’t forget, “Kids! Keep the noise down so we don’t disturb dad in the back room.”


So where does the blame fall? Surely there is someone who can solve all our problems and fix this.


Is it the partner? Shouldn’t he see what’s happening in his own home and help out. The partner’s employer? Surely they understand parental care falls 50% on the shoulders of each parent. How about society? The topic of gender equality isn’t a new one. Or even ourselves? We did structure our lives this way. Is now the time to ask, or even demand, more help?

It’s such a huge issue and it needs to be looked at holistically as we all have a role to play in changing the status quo. But it’s a big one and I fear it will take longer than any pay-gap to fix. So in the meantime Ladies I beg you, please take care of you somewhere in that non-stop day of yours. Where technology was once frowned upon, now it may just be the saviour you need to fit in a few deep breaths and a hot cup of tea.


And if you need someone to talk to, the She Will Shine community are here for you.

You don’t even need to explain it to us. We get it.


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network-for-women-in-businessAbout Danielle Price
With over 10 years small business experience, Danielle Price has created an Australia-wide network of female small business owners at She Will Shine. An expert networker and elevator of female business owners, Danielle facilitates connection and support between like-minded women in working towards a common goal of creating a successful business around personal responsibilities and life. Danielle’s passion is sharing and giving a voice to the real stories of Australian women in small business. Learn more about Danielle here.

Supporting you to grow your business on your terms.