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How did Casey shift from product to service business?

In this episode of the She Will Shine podcast Danielle chats to Casey Allen. Casey is the Founder of Blush Social, but she’s not just a passionate Digital Marketer. She has also founded her own successful e-commerce store.

Casey shares the journey from employee to multiple business owner, and the mindset shifts and challenges she has faced along the way.

Our conversation includes:
• how Casey became a business owner despite never aspiring to be self employed
• what happened when her e-commerce store tripled in size during one week of Covid
• how she came to the decision to scale back her online store
• the process in switching from e-commerce to digital marketing
• the self-imposed challenges and pressures in starting her second business
• how, after scaling her first business, she’s now happy working on her own
• the importance of connection and shared experience
• how proud she is to be opening doors of possibility for our next generation of young women.

I so enjoyed my chat with Casey, especially in discovering the similarities in our perception of “failure” in our business journeys.
Listen in to hear the full story of how Casey transitioned from a product to a service business.
Proudly presented by Danielle Price, Founder of She Will Shine.


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