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How to create your 30 second business elevator pitch

Sound familiar? You know your business inside and out, but you struggle to find the right words and be concise when explaining it to strangers. Then my friend, you need a business elevator pitch.


What is a business elevator pitch?

It’s a 30-second memorable description of what you do and/or what you sell. The goal is to earn a second conversation, not to convince the person you’re talking to that they should buy from you.


How do you craft your business elevator pitch?

So now it’s time to think about what you need to include in your elevator pitch. Get out a pen and paper and answer the following questions. This will then help you to form your pitch.

  1. Who is your target market?
  2. What are the problems and challenges that they face?
  3. How do you help them solve those problems?


The business elevator pitch technique we’re going to use today is The Gaddie Pitch

This technique was created by Antony Gaddie, Founder and CEO of Green Ant Marketing. The reason I like it is because it’s simple, easy to remember and conversational. You don’t want to sound like a robot when you’re out networking!


The Gaddie Pitch consists of the following three statements:

Your name and business and then…

  1. You know how…?
  2. Well what we do is…
  3. In fact…


Let’s break that down
  1. You know how…?
    What are the problems of your target niche. You can use an analogy or metaphor so people understand.
  2. Well what we do is…
    Don’t name exactly what you do. Focus on the benefit that people get when you deliver your services including what is unique about what you do. What is the differentiator? Try and put them in the second sentence.
  3. In fact…
    Use the best example/case study that you can to back up number 2 sentence. Use an actual name of the person and company you worked with. Ask their permission first.


Here’s an example

Hi, I’m Danielle Price from She Will Shine.

You know how women business owners feel overwhelmed and isolated when they’re working on their own?

Well what She Will Shine does is connect these women with a female focused business community that provides them with the genuine connections and support they need to grow a thriving, meaningful business around their life.

In fact one of our members, Ange Petzierides of Social Media Mania values the community so much that she said it’s one of the best decisions she’s made in her business life.


Now it’s your turn

Use the three statements above, together with your notes from earlier to form your Gaddie Pitch. Be sure to practise saying it aloud and to others and ask for their feedback.

Using the above technique you will master the art of the 30 second business elevator pitch, and be networking like a pro in no time!


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Continue this conversation in our business community by becoming a She Will Shine Member today. Join the She Will Shine business network today and connect with a community of Australia-wide women business owners.

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About Danielle Price
With over 10 years small business experience, Danielle Price has created an Australia-wide network of female founders at She Will Shine. An expert networker and elevator of women business owners, Danielle facilitates connection and support between like-minded women in working towards a common goal of creating a successful business around personal responsibilities and life. Danielle’s passion is sharing and giving a voice to the real stories of Australian women business owners. Learn more about Danielle here.


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