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How to network with a purpose

So everyone keeps telling you to get out there and network.

But every time you do, you go home with a pocket full of business cards, a headache and little else. Well I’m here to share with you that networking IS worth the time and the effort. And I’m even going to tell you how you can get something out of it! Just like every other aspect of your business and your life, you need to network with a goal. Yes, just one! That goal will fit into one of the following types:


1. Transactional Goals:

Do you want more sales?
Do you want more social media followers?
Do you want to tell more people about your product or service?

The examples above all revolve around “quantity” and “numbers” in your favour, so are one-sided transactional goals.


2. Development Goals:

Are you looking to make new connections and business friends?
Do you want to meet other local businesses?
Are you looking for collaboration opportunities?

The examples above are mutually beneficial goals and will help you (and your new connections) with personal or professional development goals.


Traditionally, networking has been seen as a “transactional” setting.

The more networking events you go to equals the more sales you make. But these days there are an abundance of different types of networking events around and alternative platforms like social media that help you nurture genuine connections over time. It’s networking with a long-term “development” focus.


My advice is to choose the setting that best suits your networking goal.

An example might be, if you want to tell as many people as possible about your product or service, look at a speed-networking event. Or perhaps you would like to meet like-minded business owners, well then a She Will Shine event is the way to go. The great news is that YOU can choose which type of events you go to.


Show up, meet new people, have fun and practise. And don’t let that pesky little word “fear” stop you.

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And of course if you’re interested in networking She Will Shine-style (that’s networking without the ickiness of networking), you can find out more about becoming a She Will Shine Member.


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network-for-women-in-businessAbout Danielle Price
With over 10 years small business experience, Danielle Price has created an Australia-wide network of female small business owners at She Will Shine. An expert networker and elevator of female business owners, Danielle facilitates connection and support between like-minded women in working towards a common goal of creating a successful business around personal responsibilities and life. Danielle’s passion is sharing and giving a voice to the real stories of Australian women in small business. Learn more about Danielle here.


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