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In this interview, Danielle speaks to Debbie Eglin, Founder of Productivity Hub, where she helps business owners achieve the lifestyle they crave through business systemisation.

Debbie shares practical tips on how we can be productive in our business while ensuring we are looking after ourselves, and maintaining the flexibility we all crave.

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About Debbie Eglin
Debbie Eglin is the Founder of Productivity Hub and knows that most small business owners are working far harder than they need to due to lack of smart systems and not having the right technology in place. She’s helping business owners achieve the lifestyle they crave through business systemisation.

Working in corporate administration for over 20 years taught Debbie that although business systems and processes aren’t sexy and are often unloved, they’re an absolute necessity for business productivity and growth. She’s translated this need to the small business market.

Debbie meets with small business owners who are frustrated at having to do it all which is inhibiting their ability to scale and focus on high value tasks. She’s developed a simple and transferrable method to help all small business owners systemise with ease.


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