Inspiring a Difference

Inspiring a Difference


Inspiring a Difference is about one simple truth. That one person, one voice, armed with wisdom and the commitment to act, can make a very real difference.

Creating a methodology around challenge-driven impact has became my driving motivation, and the vision for Inspiring a Difference. Challenging myself, as well as those around me, to step out of their comfort zone and create a ripple in their world. The fundamental drive for me is to show you that you can make a a difference. And that the ripples that we create individually, one day might move a mountain.

We turn drops into ripples into waves and then oceans of impact. One person, one challenge at a time.

Contact details:

Name: Jodie Preiss

Website: Click here

Address: Macleod, 3085, Australia

Phone: 0413 600 612

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