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Casey Allen


Hi. I’m Casey! I’m not just a passionate digital marketer. I’ve also founded my own successful e-commerce business so I “get it” having been a store owner and striving to grow a business from the ground up.

I genuinely love paid advertising, social media marketing and email marketing and have seen first hand how they can help to grow a profitable business. It’s a privilege to take something that is so incredibly important to the businesses overall marketing strategy, take it off the business owners busy plate and do something really magical with it.

I’m big on best practice and staying up to date with the ever evolving changes in the digital landscape (so my clients don’t have too). I really enjoy helping others and sharing in their success. And I’m also big on keeping clients updated as I’m working to get impactful results for them.

I hail from the south coast of NSW where I live with my husband, little girl and our most recent addition, a Spoodle called Rowdy. We love to spend our days enjoying the beach and exploring the beautiful escarpment that surrounds where we live.

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