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Cath Connell

 Consulting & Strategy

Helping you build a business WITHIN a life!

It’s been quite a journey to arrive here… and yet this is probably where I’ve always been heading. Helping amazing people achieve their dreams, having some creative fun, running my own show.

With over 25 years’ experience as a marketing professional, many in my own business, I believe it is now time to share my experience, skills and wisdom with other women in business, so that together we can help reshape our world into one that is more sustainable, loving, kind and connected.

Are you ready to join me, as we work towards a new, more “wholehearted” version of success, based on Purpose, Prosperity, Connection and Joy?

Or were you looking for hands-on marketing support? Many of you know me through Wholehearted Marketing, which is still providing branding, graphic design and website development services for small and micro business owners. Find me at wholeheartedmarketing.com.au

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