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Erika McInerney


Hey there I’m Erika ✌️
I am a marketing and social media strategist and trainer at Mac&Ernie – founded by me in early 2016 to increase digital skills and confidence in individuals and organisations. What lights me up is helping people stop stressing and guessing when it comes to social media and marketing.
I’ve been highly recommended for my support and genuine dedication to helping businesses succeed. Over the past 25 years I’ve worked extensively across many industry sectors including local government, tourism, regional arts, community services and more. Through Mac&Ernie, I’ve helped thousands of regional and rural entrepreneurs and community leaders achieve their goals and grow in confidence and skills when it comes to digital marketing.
I’m a big fan of knowledge-sharing and I’ve got lots to share. I have a BA in Media & Communication, a Masters of Marketing, Certificate in CX (Customer Experience) and I’m a Certified Practising Marketer with the Australian Marketing Institute. I’ve also been working in advertising and marketing for over 25 years and am more than happy to share that practical experience and knowledge freely.
All the training you get through Mac&Ernie is smart, relevant and jargon free!
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