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Fiona Beamish

 Beauty & Fashion

I actually own 2 businesses (yes I’m nuts!).

A hairdresser by trade. During my 30 years in the hair and beauty industry I have worked in National roles with large corporate hair brands in Education, Sales and Marketing.  I decided to take on a distribution business 6 years ago, a global hair brand from the UK. Its been a challenging time in recent years however mostly rewarding and always learning.

As a qualified life coach, I have always offered my salon clients more than just sales of product but business and mindset support, because lets face it, 70% of business is mindset right?

The start of the pandemic I began to offer further assistance to hair and beauty salons who were facing some of the hardest times in business to date. Lockdowns, an industry where “pivots” and “working from home” had limited options, team members suddenly exiting and for some, sadly business closure. I saw an opportunity which lead me to create an online course for salon owners, to access at any time at an affordable price. Mainly business topics to assist in growth, find clarity with – in the busy, systems and inspiration.

I now have a side hustle which I absolutely love, helping hair and beauty salon owners to have the business of their dreams.

Both businesses are the perfect match. –

OSMO UK – Hair brand distribution owner Australia.


Fiona Beamish – Hair and Beauty Coach.

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