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Kathryn Liveriadis

 Health & Wellbeing

Dr Kathryn Liveriadis uses gentle chiropractic techniques to assist you in achieving greater ease, connection and flexibility through your nervous system and body. Kathryn works by incorporating a number of gentle techniques, including, but not limited to the Activator, Blocks and Network Spinal. Along with assisting clients with their physical discomforts, Kathryn also works to help clients build strategies and techniques to better manage their day to day stresses of life. Kathryn has a strong interest and focus on the body-mind connection, having completed further studies in the area. Along with her chiropractic studies at university, she has also completed a further two year investigation into Integral Energetics. Kathryn seeks to work with all areas of your wellbeing, mind, body and spirit, to help facilitate change in they way you move through the world. Ultimately Kathryn’s mission is to create greater safety, connection and integration in her clients.

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