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Lauren Smith

 Health & Wellbeing

Lauren is the owner of The Balanced Base. A movement, mindset and mindfulness studio formerly in Hawthorn East, Melbourne. Movement through Pilates, Yoga and Boxing. Mindset through a set coaching program designed to bring the client from self doubt to self belief. Mindfulness through journalling, meditation, Restorative Yoga and Mindfulness tips and tricks run for both clients and corporate groups.

Originally set up as a retreat in a studio – The Balanced Base allowed you to bring focus to what most needed attention each week. Since five Covid lockdowns, one studio relocation and eventually a full location closure, The Balanced Base now services clients through a mix of online private coaching, summer outdoor classes, social media challenges, on location retreats and workshops. Plus an extensive library of pre recorded content.

Lauren also uses her teaching and coaching skills in her other business as a manual driving instructor. Calming down anxious Melbourne drivers and giving learners the confidence and safety to pass their licence test.

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