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Lee Doherty

 Administration & Business Support

Hello there!

I’m Lee an Online Business Manager & Strategist leading an OBM and VA team.

We review, then manage, then do, the tasks in your business to create space and time for your business to grow.

We are your hand-holders and doers!

We’ve identified time and time again that one of the biggest pain points for business owners is finding time to do your tasks, as well as managing a team whether employees or outsourced contractors.

Working with Admin & Co, you always get a two-for-one deal … an Online Business Manager to manage and plan the work, and a Virtual Assistant/s to do the work.

Having the support of a team model means you have access to a variety of services under one roof that can provide support as and when needed e.g. website designer, course launch manager, podcast manager as well as generalist administration services.

Many great minds think alike and we as a team meet regularly behind the work to check in on current needs, future work, and what is needed to deliver the service.

Our team members are established service providers and need to have key foundation skills and past skills testing to jump a few hoops to join our team.

Feedback from clients on why a VA relationship has not worked for them in the past has been that the provider has limited hours, became unwell with no backup support, became too busy and work was not being managed or produced on time, VA wasn’t in the job for the right reasons and stopped working or even ghosted!

So a bit about me, after a 25-year corporate career with positions held in various high-level administrative management roles a period of illness forced me to walk away and ‘contemplate life’. The idea was to create a business that allowed a flexible work/life balance that past corporate life would not… and Admin & Co. was born.

I have completed tertiary diploma studies in Management and Human Resource Management (after thinking leaving high school in year 11 was a great idea) all while working part-time and juggling three small kids. I am a firm believer we can’t have it all… we can, but not all at once.

When not running the admin, I am a local football/netball league Manager, live out in the ‘burbs in Armstrong Creek on the Surf Coast VIC with husband Jaso and three girls Mia, Sophie and Georgie, as well as being the main income stream for various drive-through coffee establishments in the region.

My reason for joining She Will Shine is community and connections with others on a similar journey to my own. It’s time to come out from behind the desk and I’m looking forward to meeting you all soon.

Take care.


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