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Linda Kropich

 Consulting & Strategy

Working with small business owners to develop safety systems and processes to provide a safe working environment.

When it comes to occupational safety and risk compliance, for me there’s nothing more heartbreaking than when business owners don’t know where to start, feel overwhelmed by legislation and frustrated by HSE options that don’t truly suit their company.

As a passionate OHS and Tenders Specialist, I believe that business owners shouldn’t have to struggle alone. I provide solutions that truly meet the reality of your business (and budget).

If you’re struggling to establish or implement risk managements plans and OHS procedures I have a message for you: you can be involved without the extra work.

Rather than hire an in-house consultant or go it alone, I provide a happy alternative. I work with small to medium businesses to create and implement OHS/Environment and Quality Systems in preparation for audits. I also assist with (& love) bid preparations.

Do the words ‘compliance’ ‘procedures’ and ‘WorkSafe’ fill you with dread? I love nothing more than creating Quality Systems that actually work while saving you time and worry. Ultimately my work is about building safer, environmentally friendly companies.

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