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Renee Italia

 Health & Wellbeing

Integrative Health and Lifestyle Coach for those ready to reclaim their Vitality

You’re not born to survive life, you’re born to thrive!

My name’s Renee and I’m an IHP certified Integrative Health Practitioner and Lifestyle Coach.

I offer a holistic, integrative and bespoke coaching service to help you rebalance and thrive in life.

Connect Your Body. Connect Your Life.

At Rebalance Naturally we help individuals and couples resolve what is affecting their vitality in life.

Like planting a seed and tending it through it’s phases of growth, we get back to basics, uncover what your body needs and replenish it so you can thrive and flourish in your life.

We are like curious health detectives joining the puzzle pieces to get to the root cause.


“Even though I am a health coach myself Renee was able to suggest options that I hadn’t thought of. The experience of saliva testing was helpful and managed well.  I recommend having a consult with Renee, you will come out with great information and a better understanding of yourself.”

Naomi Reardon, Health Coach

“I was helped on my journey of a 7 day detox lead by Renee. It was super invigorating and helped me kick back into my diet. Definitely something I recommend for others to try!  The support group was great and made me feel welcome and connected.”

John, Entrepreneur

“I really enjoy working with Renee.  She is lovely, knowledgeable and makes you feel relaxed.  Having had a serious illness in 2020, Renee has helped me to rebuild my balance and strength in a supportive and calm way. I have been to other yoga and wellness professionals but none compare to how good a session is with Renee at Rebalance Naturally.”

Melissa Lavender, Teacher


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