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Rhianna Bridgett

 Health & Wellbeing

Rhianna is a passionate manual therapist who is proud to offer holistic myotherapy treatments that are tailored to your needs.

Ongoing education is a priority for Rhianna, as it ensures she is able to offer the very best treatment options for her clients. She holds a Diploma of Remedial Massage and Bachelor of Health Science in Musculoskeletal Therapy. Rhianna also recently received the highest qualification in Australia for the profession – an Honours Degree in Myotherapy with first class honours.

Rhianna has worked in elite sport for many years, including 10 seasons with the Western Bulldogs. Outside of her clinical time, she spent 4 years working as a Myotherapy lecturer at a tertiary level.

After working in the profession for many years, in 2019 Rhianna created The Wellness Nest. The Wellness Nest’s vision is to incorporate the many skills of myotherapy into a calm and relaxing environment. Her goal as a practitioner is not only address your musculoskeletal complaints, but to optimise your overall wellbeing and encourage self-care.

As a result of creating The Wellness Nest, Rhianna has been able to express her keen interest in Women’s Health. She is passionate about creating a safe, relaxing and therapeutic environment for all Women at any stage of their life. Due to her own ongoing mental health and anxiety history, Rhianna is especially passionate about breaking the stigma around both these topics and empowering women to live life to their full potential.

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