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Sonya Edmonds

 Health & Wellbeing

Mother Nurture supports, nurtures and empowers mums (and their partners) through their pregnancy and parenting journey, and beyond. Personalised aromatherapy and massage treatments, quality aromatherapy products, infant massage classes and aromatherapy education.

Mother Nurture was born from a passion for using natural alternatives to improve health and wellbeing, as well as a desire to nurture and nourish women on their journey from pregnancy to motherhood and beyond. I am a registered nurse and midwife, clinical aromatherapist, massage therapist specialising in pregnancy & postpartum, certified infant massage instructor and mum to two daughters. Mother Nurture was built on the foundation of my qualifications, experience and passion.

Mother Nurture aims to provide personalised care of women as well as empowering them with tools (such as aromatherapy and infant massage) to help care for their families. This is achieved through personalised consultations and treatments; high quality, natural products and educational workshops.

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