Natural Harmony Traditional Chinese Medicine

Natural Harmony Traditional Chinese Medicine


Natural Harmony was born in 2010 after I graduated from my double degree in Chinese Medicine/Human Biology and completed an internship in China. At the start I saw a lot of people with chronic pain, they came to me to try Chinese medicine and Acupuncture as a last resort. Back then I remember thinking, I wish I could tell the world to try Chinese medicine before it gets to this stage. Digging deeper into the patients’ medical history I noticed that a common thread was birth trauma. This triggered my need to learn more about what happens in birth and how a traumatic birth can influence our health over time. I signed up to a Doula (Birth Attendant) course where I learnt that it is essential to support women not only in birth but also before and afterward too.

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Name: Anna Pino

Website: Click here

Address: Essendon, Victoria 3040, Australia

Phone: (03) 8383 6500

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