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The story begins when after 10 years of being employed as a graphic designer, I was ready to start a family. Unfortunately I was working in an industry where the hours were often ridiculous. I knew that if I wanted flexibility around a young family, the only option I had was to start my own business and have complete control of the hours I worked, as well as how, and when, I worked.

So being the determined (or stubborn...) person that I am, I did just that and created a home-based design business.

During this time I didn’t advertise my business and relied solely on word of mouth referrals. As women we are fabulous at having a chat, so I found my female friends told their female friends, and I was soon working with an almost exclusive client base of women. In doing so, I very quickly realised that women working together led to brilliant results and outcomes. Women supporting women does that you know!

We were able to connect on a personal level as well as professionally, understanding the vision for not just our business, but also for the lives we wanted to lead. We were also able to support each other as we had a mutual understanding and respect for the unique challenges we, as female business owners faced.

Yep, you guessed it... This was when my journey moved towards creating She Will Shine.

It was my passion project “on the side” of my proper business. Hmmm… many years and one defunct design business later, She Will Shine was here to stay.

I absolutely love having the opportunity to meet and listen to the unique stories of my fellow female entrepreneurs, and I truly hope you've enjoyed mine.

It's such an honour to help these inspiring women to shine, and I'd love to help you too.

Danielle Price,
Founder of She Will Shine


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