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It's the most un-stuffiest, un-intimidating, un-salesy networking event for female business owners around, and you're invited.

Come along and personally connect with like minded women in business. Enjoy honest and real conversation in a warm and welcoming space.

Upcoming Networking Nights:

In Her Own Words
Wednesday 16 October 2019, 7-9pm
Amelia Shaw Bar
Level 1, 280 Sydney Rd, Brunswick





In Her Own Words is a special networking event where we shine a light on women in small business.



 From chatting with two inspiring women and discussing their very real journey to business success, to real conversations and genuine connections, we network with women in business who get it, challenges and all.

Come along and hear how our panelists Stacey Price and Kate O'Mealley took control of their careers after redundancies (yes, more than one!) forced them out of the workforce and into small business.

This will be followed by the most un-stuffiest, un-intimidating, un-salesy networking you've ever experienced.

It's an evening of candid storytelling followed by casual networking at the gorgeous Amelia Shaw Bar in Brunswick. Personally connect with like minded women in small business. Enjoy honest and real conversation over a drink and canapes in an inclusive, warm and welcoming space.

If you're a female small business owner this is the event for you.



Stacey Price is the Founder of Healthy Business Finances, a Bookeeping and Accounting firm that specialises in helping business owners to understand their financial information. Stacey was made redundant whilst on maternity leave with both of her children, and decided that it was time to take matters into her own hands and start a business.

Kate O'Mealley is a Copywriter, Editor, Word Nerd and self-confessed Professional Typo Spotter at Oh My Word! Kate spent 15 years working in corporate communication before multiple redundancies forced her to re-evaluate her career options and seriously consider moving into small business.

Come along and listen to Stacey and Kate's stories.

Learn how they overcame the emotional effects of redundancy, and used it as motivation to create their own successful business.

And grow your network with real conversations and genuine connections.



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"It was a networking event unlike others. People were mingling and open to talk to others. Everyone was positive and open and interested. People were introducing others and creating connections in a natural way. Maybe that's what happens when you put a group of genuine women in a room."
Helle Warming

“God I love these nights… familiar faces, new faces, catching up on past conversations and starting new conversations… all with wine in hand and so much inspiration around!!”
Nikki King


Be connected, supported and educated in the day-to-day reality of running your business.

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