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In our all new podcast The Catch Up, we're bringing you an in-depth, no-nonsense look at the key areas of business. All you need to know and all brought to you by our experts here at She Will Shine.

Welcome to The Catch Up

The Catch Up is coming to a device near you very soon! Find out what's in store for your listening pleasure.

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EP01: Social Comms Strategy 101

Jacqui McCallum of Blue Budgie Communications joins us and shares how a social media communication strategy will help you achieve your social media goals.

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EP02: Next Step Social Media

Angelique Petzierides of Social Media Mania shares the tools and tricks that are going to take your social media to new heights.

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EP03: Facebook Advertising

Angelique Petzierides of Social Media Mania returns to the hot seat to demystify Facebook advertising.

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